2023 NFL Draft Round 1. Yeah, It is Today!

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Is there a draft in the room? Someone shut BP’s back door and take a tight end. The 2023 NFL Draft commences at 8 PM ET on ABC, ESPN and NFL Network. Should be a hell of a night. Only Round 1 is tonight and everyone will be jostling for future Hall of Famers with the 31 picks (LOL Dolphins tanking).

Here is a good list of the prospects with scouting reports and player comparisons.

2023 NFL Draft Prospect – all Rankings – CBSSports.com

Round 1 Picks

Detroit has two first rounders/future all pros (pick 6, thanks Rams injuries and pick 18). Green Bay is pick 13 after the swippity swap with the Jets while giving away 4-time MVP Aaron Rodgers. Bears are pick 9 after fleecing the Panthers for the top overall pick. Minnesota is pick 23 after their lucky fluke riddled NFC North winning season/one and done to the Giants. Falcons are 8 and will probably take another skill player. Tampa Bay is 19 in case GatrBuc is done snowmobiling with the bois and joins us.

Lions are wide open with a stacked team favored to win the North (hang the banner) but lots of players on 1-year deals. Who will they gamble on this year at WR. Carter and Anderson if they drop, a CB for the future (Witherspoon or Gonzalez) and even QB if one drops are in play. DT/DE, WRs, CBS, Guard/OT and even TE again in play at 18. So many options. Big Brain Brad Holmes likes to trade too so expect some movement if there are any takers. Up or down.

Packers could go OT, TE, WR or maybe safety Brian Branch (but he also could be a slot CB). If a QB drops to 13, maybe they use a 1st rounder on a backup QB that sits for 3 years making Jordan Love more disgruntled by the day.

Bears need OT in the worst way (Skoronski, Paris Johnson, Broderick Jones) and way more defense, especially Dline, despite stacked LBs (Edmunds and Edwards) now from FA. Bears secondary is young secondary and filled with high drafted from last two few drafts (Johnson, Brisker and Gordon) . Bijan Robinson at RB in play too.

Vikings need a future QB after Kirk Cousins (final year of contract)and defense galore. Could they trade Dalvin Cook and Zadarius Smith as well creating more holes? Vikings lack a 2nd rounder (Hockenson trade) so they need to nail Round 1 or trade back.

Below is the draft order (pending any new fleecing/trades)

1 1 Carolina Panthers from Chicago[R1 – 1]
1 2 Houston Texans
1 3 Arizona Cardinals
1 4 Indianapolis Colts
1 5 Seattle Seahawks from Denver[R1 – 2]
1 6 Detroit Lions from LA Rams[R1 – 3]
1 7 Las Vegas Raiders
1 8 Atlanta Falcons
1 9 Chicago Bears from Carolina[R1 – 4]
1 10 Philadelphia Eagles from New Orleans[R1 – 5]
1 11 Tennessee Titans
1 12 Houston Texans from Cleveland[R1 – 6]
1 13 Green Bay Packers from New York Jets[R1 – 7]
1 14 New England Patriots
1 15 New York Jets from Green Bay[R1 – 8]
1 16 Washington Commanders
1 17 Pittsburgh Steelers
1 18 Detroit Lions
1 19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1 20 Seattle Seahawks
1 Miami Dolphins Selection forfeited[Forfeit 1]
1 21 Los Angeles Chargers
1 22 Baltimore Ravens
1 23 Minnesota Vikings
1 24 Jacksonville Jaguars
1 25 New York Giants
1 26 Dallas Cowboys
1 27 Buffalo Bills
1 28 Cincinnati Bengals
1 29 New Orleans Saints from San Francisco via Miami and Denver[R1 – 9]
1 30 Philadelphia Eagles
1 31 Kansas City Chiefs