2024 NFL Draft. Yeah, It’s This Week

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Bibbidy Bobbidy Booya!! It’s Draft Week, folks. NFL Style. If you like Mel Kiper hot action and everyone else making hot takes, then this week is for you. Icing on the cake, the draft is in Detroit this year, home of the NFC North Champion/2024 season Super Bowl contending Detroit Lions.

The NFL Draft kicks off Round 1 at 8 PM ET on Thursday April 24. Day 2 is Round 2 and 3 on Friday April 26 at 7 PM. Rounds 4-7 continue on Saturday April 27 at 12 PM ET. ESPN/ABC/NFL Network for Round 1 and ESPN/ESPN2/NFL Network for Round 2-7. Watch it, DVR it, or just check the internet later and watch some Youtube “film” and declare that your team drafted the best players ever. Now let’s get to the NFC North teams picks and previews. Saints and Falcons too

Detroit Lions

Pick 29 Round 1

Pick 61 Round 2

Pick 73 Round 3

Pick 164 Round 5

Pick 201 Round 6

Pick 205 Round 6

Pick 249 Round 7

Short Term Needs: I guess kicker.

The Lions are hole less folks. Embarrassment of riches. Detroit won the North in 2023 and went to the NFC Championship game (going to pretend they won the game and didn’t blow a big lead).

The Lions added a stud NT in DJ Reader, revamped their secondary trading a 3rd rounder for Carlton Davis and adding Amik Robertson (to replace all arrested players). Detroit upgraded from LG Jonah Jackson to stud RG Kevin Zeilter (while re-signed stud Graham Glasgow (now LG). Detroit is set. They could take a WR X (lost Josh Reynolds), EDGE, CB or DT for the future though. Trade down out of Round 1 into Round 2 while adding a day 2 pick is not out of the question either.

WR Adonai Mitchell (Texas), WR Keon Coleman (Florida State), DT Johnny Newton (Illinois), DT Byron Murphy (Texas), Guard/Center Jackson Powers Johnson (Oregon), Guard Cody Barton (Duke), Guard/Center Zach Frasier (West Virginia), CB Kool Aid McKinstrey (Bama), EDGE Laiatu Latu (UCLA), EDGE Jared Verse (Florida State), EDGE Darius Robinson (Missouri), EDGE Chop Robinson (Penn State),CB/S Cooper DeJean (Iowa), CB Nate Wiggins (Clemson), CB Kamari Lassiter (Georgia) are some of the studs the Lions could take with their first pick at 29 or after a trade back.

Green Bay Packers

Packers are in draft pick heaven and will need it to catch the Lions.

Pick 25 Round 1

Pick 41 Round 2 (Rodgers)

Pick 58 Round 2

Pick 88 Round 3

Pick 91 Round 3

Pick 126 Round 4

Pick 169 Round 5

Pick 202 Round 6

Pick 216 Round 6

Pick 245 Round 7

Pick 255 Round 7

Short Term Needs: Linebacker, Guard, offensive tackle, future defensive tackle, safety/cb

Cooper DeJean S/CB (Iowa), Troy Fautanu OT/Guard (Washington), Kool Aid McKinstrey CB (Bama), Johnny Newton DT (Illinois) Byron Murphy DT (Texas), Laiau Latu EDGE, JC Latham (Center/Guard), Guard Cody Barton, Guard/Center Jackson Powers Johnson (Oregon), Kinglsey Suamatai (OT) BYU (Penei Sewell’s cousin), OT Tyler Guyton (Oklahoma), Brandon Fiske DT, Jared Verse EDGE are some good prospects the Packers could pick.

No linebackers really fit for Round 1 so expect day 2 for that. Offensive tackle, guard or DB help is your best bet.

Minnesota Vikings

Pick 11 Round 1

Pick 23 Round 1 (Vikings traded Round 2 pick 41 and Round 2 2025 for this pick and Round 6 pick)

Pick 108 Round 4

Pick 157 Round 5

Pick 167 Round 5

Pick 177 Round 6

Pick 230 Round 7

Pick 232 Round 7

Short Term Needs:  QB, EDGE, Dline, fans that are better golfers.

QB is a huge need for the Vikings after losing Kirk Cousins. They are desperate while only having Sam Darnold and Jaren Hall. Kwefi could package pick 11 and pick 23 plus more for a QB (Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels) or roll the dice on JJ McCarthy or Michale Penix as they fall to 11 or 23.

Vikings lost Danelle Hunter but added Jonathan Greenard (Texans) and Andrew Van Ginkel (Dolphins). Two in the pinkel, one in the Van Ginkel, amirite Shooter. They still need EDGE help though and defensive line over Bullard and Tillery at 3-4 DE. Verse, Dallas Turner and Latu are in play and Newton/Murphy as well on defensive line.

Chicago Bears

Round 1 Pick 1 (very stupid Carolina Panthers)

Round 1 Pick 9 (LOL Bearz)

Round 3 Pick 75

Round 4 Pick 122

Short Term Needs: QB, Offensive Line, one more WR, Defensive Line

The Bears are using pick 1 on Caleb Williams (USC) after trading away failed 1st rounder Justin Fields. Williams is a very strong QB prospect out of USC, but the Bears are still cursed at QB despite having DJ Moore, Keenan Allen and DeAndre Swift.

Chicago could upgrade over 2nd year Tyler Scott at WR (after losing Mooney in FA to Falcons) and their offensive line needs upgrades at center, guard and Left Tackle really. Defensive line always a need but the starters might be set with Montez Sweat (stud) and Walker at EDGE and Gervin Dexter and Andrew Billings at DT. The Bears don’t have very many picks so they will try and trade down from 9 and gain more picks.

New Orleans Saints

Short Term Needs: Offensive Line still lol, DT, fan base moving to Canada.

Round 1 Pick 14

Round 2 Pick 45

A bunch of late picks

Pick 14 is offensive line for the Saints despite Trevor Penning being a 1st rounder left tackle that they traded an extra first to add in 2022. Defensive Tackle (Newton and Murphy) are in play as well. Round 2 probably should add to the secondary or defensive line. Chase Young EDGE and Willie Gay (LB) were solid veteran adds making them less needs at EDGE and LB.

Atlanta Falcons

Short Term Needs: EDGE, Secondary

Round 1 Pick 8

Round 2 Pick 43

Round 3 Pick 74

Round 3 Pick 79

Round 4 Pick 109

Round 5 Pick 143

Round 6 Pick 187

Round 6 Pick 197

Falcons should take Dallas Turner and they might/may have a pass rush. Secondary help always needed and could upgrade on the offensive line in spots. “Weapons” should be “set” after taking for 3 years in a row with Pitts, Drake and Bijan Mustard.

Enjoy the draft folks. Boombaya