5 Week Recap Bonanza. This Time for Real for Real

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Vikings 4-1

Lead the NFC North because Shooter’s shoot. Vikings dominated with a capital D the Packers in Week 1 as the Packers were still in pre-season. Week 2, the undefeated Eagles kicked the crap out of them in Philly. Week 3, the Vikings came back down double digits because the Lions coach always makes the wrong field goal or go for it decision and their defense went from bad to awful once Tracy Walker tore his achilles. Justin Jefferson was shut down by Okudah and company though. Week 4 the Vikings did what the Packers couldn’t do and won in London. Took Andy Dalton playing and a double doink but the Vikings survived 28-25 over the Saints. Finally in Week 5, the Bears had a brief late comeback but Kirk Cousins said frick that and threw a late TD to beat the Bears in Minnesota. Vikings 4-1 with 3 home division wins, London win (instead of playing in the Super Dome) and got Philly stomped.

Packers 3-2

Dominated by the Vikings and in Week 1 but were missing their OTs. Relaxed in Week 2 crushing the Bears as the Packers still own you. Defensive game in Tampa for a big win with the Bucs missing their top 3 WRs.  Survived getting Zapped at home against New England with a 27-24 OT win. Failed in the red zone late and allowed the Giants to come back and win in London. Packers fans are melting but they need to R-E-L-A-X.

Bears 2-3

Rain and some defense and Trey Lance being awful helped the Bears win in Week 1 against the 49ers. Whipped by their daddy in Lambeau field. Survived at Soldier Field 23-20 against lowly Houston.  Lose to the Giants 20-12 with no offense. Late comeback but fall to the Vikings in Minnesotat 29-22.

Lions 1-4

Flukes and injuries (no refs yet). 38-35 close come back but fall to Eagles letting AJ Brown and Eagles run game go off. Week 2 dominate the Commanders in the first half and hang tight for a 9 point win. Week 3 dominating the Vikings then decide to not go for the win on 4th down and miss a big kick. Vikings get the easy you like that TD. TV smashed. Lions scored 45 points at home in Week 4 and lost to Geno Smith, DK Metcalf and the Seattle run game.  TV smashed again.  29-0 loss to former coach Matt Patricia with a 3rd string QB. Lions gave up a fumble for TD on 4th down and 9 when they should have kicked the FG with their 4th kicker of the year. 7 trips to Patriots territory and went 0-6 on 4th down and had a pick in the red zone by Goff to Hock. Lions super injured (top 3 WRs, top RB, top 2 RGs, LG, FS, 5 key Dlinemen) and need the bye week. Kicks rocks