Bold Predictions: 2022

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The 2022 NFL Seasons is so close I can taste it. Time for another year of Bold Predictions. Let’s get to the insanity. I don’t care if you have 3 toes and one butt cheek, I’m kicking your ass if you disagree.

Bold 1

Jared Goff has a QB Rating over 100 for the 3rd time in his career (2017/2018)

Yeah I said it. Goff has a top 5 Oline, solid run game and an embarrassment of riches of weapons. 2017/2018 Goff is back and he goes off for 4,800 yards 38 TDs and 7 picks.

Bold 2

Bears get the top pick in the 2023 draft

Not that bold but you really have to stink to get that top pick. I think they are bad enough on both offense and defense enough to get it.

Bold 3

Packers top 2 defense

Not that bold but really tough to take that leap to a top 2 defense from 9th in PPG. Need some health, the two rookie starters to play well early and super studs to show out.

Bold 4

Lions have an average defense

This is bold for the Lions after 3 years of terrible defense. The young defense grows some and is average in PPG and yards and turnovers forced. Lions have second youngest team in the league and a very young defense. Coaching staff is supposed to be good enough to get average out of these young players. 2021 draft picks will need to step up (McNeil, Onwuzurike, Barnes). Hutchinson will need to be an impact player like a Bosa. Charles Harris is a consistent pass rusher and Walker/Elliot are solid safeties. Okudah needs to stay healthy and actually show his talent and AO needs to be consistent and get 6 picks again. An average defense can help the Lions shock the world.

Bold 5

Vikings razor thin challenge Packers for NFC North. Vikings are better than advertised under a first-year coach (despite cutting 6 of 11 2021 draft picks) with a good offense and solid defense. Cousins chokes in the playoffs though.

Bold 6

NFC North gets playoff teams (Packers, Vikings, Lions)

It’s bold getting 3 when nobody is expecting the Vikings and Lions to make it really.

Bold 7

Saints win the NFC South over Tom Brady. Shocker with Jameis Winston at the helm and no left tackle and trading a locker room leader on the back end of the defense. But they have good weapons, run game and a good defense.

Bold 8

Cardinals and 49ers stink and Rams dominate the West again

Trey Lance fails despite Kittle/Deebo and a good run game. Jimmy G takes over at some point too late. Defense regresses for the 49ers

Cardinals have to blow it up with Murray struggling (but now signed long-term) and below average defense. Kingsbury is donesbury.

Bold 9

Eagles are actually good and win the NFC East

New weapons for Hurts, really good run game and offensive line. Eagles defense takes a step forward and they win the East over Dallas (who miss the playoffs). Dallas has left tackle issues and will need Dan Quinn to perform another miracle with that defense. Washington is solid but still a 500 team. Giants still in a rebuild in Daniel Jones final year.

NFC North tru standings

Packers 11-6 (5-1 division)

Vikings 10-7 (4-2 division)

Lions 10-7 (3-3 division)

Bears 2-15 (0-6 division)

Playoffs? We’re Talking about Playoffs! Playoffs?!!!

NFC Wild Card

Upset special Lions over Saints (12-5) in Super Dome. Nichels loses bet with LKP and has to move to either NewFound Land or Detroit

Eagles (12-5) over Vikings in Philly.

Packers (11-6) over Tampa (11-6) in Green Bay

NFC Divisional Round

Rams and Stafford over Lions in LA on some sort of obscure rule where Stafford side arm counts for two TDS now

Eagles over Packers in Philly. Packers melt harder than the cheese on a Philly Cheesesteak and find a new scape goat for Rodgers lack of clutchness. Christian Watson runs the wrong route for a game ending pick and a Hurts kneel down seals it. Davante Adams 1,800 yards and 12 TDs this season is missed when it counts.

NFC Champ Game

LA Rams over Philly in LA in the Fresh Prince Bowl. Who is getting smacked. Philly is

Super Bowl

LA Rams over Kansas City Chiefs (despite two (2) TDS from MVS) just to stick it to St. Louis/Missouri once more. Back-to-back championships for Stafford giving him more Super Bowls than Rodgers.

Stafford is MVP and Super Bowl MVP