FYS Pick’em Contest: Week 15

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His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson.

The NFL season draws to a close, with division and playoff races tightening.  None are closer than FYS’s own illustrious Pick’em Challenge, in which a two horse race has emerged between jmac344 and bpalton.  The see-saw battle at the top is currently at a tie.  Can one finally pull ahead of the other?  Can an amazing week from one of the closest rivals make for an exciting finish?  We have two more weeks to see.

Week 14 Recap

The Good – jmac3444, TheHairy, TheReal C-Jammin, and smtate each chose 13 of 15 games correctly.  It is hard to do much better than that.  Another 12 competitors scored in the double digits, making this one of the better collective weeks on the season.  Congrats gents, and good luck keeping it going this week.

The Bad – G & G and falconsfan0125, were the only two who failed to guess more than 8 correct.  One assumes each was taking certain chances in an effort to make up lost ground.  Better luck in week 16.

The Ugly – A full 19 competitors failed to make any picks at all.

Week 10 Top 5

  • 1) jmac3444 (13)
  • 1) TheHairy (13)
  • 1) TheReal C-Jammin (13)
  • 1) smtate (13)
  • 5) 5 tied (12)

Season Top 5

  • 1) jmac3444  (155)
  • 1) bpalton (155)
  • 3) niemerg21 (148)
  • 4) Natesweet (147)
  • 5) LoW (146)