News and Notes: NFC South

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His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson.


Here’s some news from around one of the only two important divisions in professional football.  Following each tidbit, I provide an unassailable opinion, or “take” on the news.  Fun!

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons recently added linebacker Allen Bradford to their roster.  This probably makes them favorites to win the division next year, since Bradford spent time with the Seattle Seahawk’s practice squad in 2011, and played one game with Seattle in 2014.  Sources say that he is the next Bobby Wagner, and other sources say that Bobby Wagner was worthy of a MVP vote.

Carolina Panthers

In a move clearly intended to copy the Packers’ decision to promote Tom Clements to Assistant Head Coach, the Carolina Panthers have announced that their secondary coach/passing-defense coordinator, Steve Wilks, will have the same title next year.  This decision is an awful one.  Wilks assisted the team by taking over head coaching duties after Coach Rivera’s house caught on fire the week of their game against Seattle.  In effect, Wilks has a winning percentage of zero.

New Orleans Saints

Per the Saints’ official twitter account: “Combine interviews just as important as drills.”

Seriously, there just isn’t much for Saints news.  But I completely agree with this, because I have it on good authority that combine interviews are just as important as drills to the New Orleans Saints organization.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In the absence of real news, speculation has run wild concerning the future of the quarterback position in Tampa Bay.  Recent reports suggest that the Buccaneers may move on from interim-quasi-professional-starting-quarterback Josh McCown* and draft any of three quarterbacks in the 2015 draft: Jamies Winston, Marcus Mariota, or Brett “the other guy” Hundley.  I approve of these fake moves because the Tampa Bay quarterback position is a mess.  In other news, water is wet.


*Yes, he who had a better statistical season that starting Quarterback Jay Cutler in the closest thing the NFL will ever have to scientifically valid study of the quarterback position: two guys playing for the same team in the same year for around the same amount of snaps.