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It December.  Therefore, it’s time to start talking about playoffs. *cue Jim Mora*

The NFC picture has taken shape:

  1. Eagles 11-1. Fly Eagles Fly to NFC East crown and maybe bye/HFA (Dallas 2 games back of East with one to play between them)
  2. *checks notes Minnesota Vikings 10-2 (Shooter’s shoot for the NFC North but lost to Eagles and Cowboys and won like 9 one score wins). Will the luck run out or can they luck into the 1 seed with a bye.
  3. San Fran 8-4 (with injuries to Lance and Jimmy G now). Great defense and could still win the NFC West with Rams and Cardinals done. Seattle one game back at 7-5 though and they play each other in a few weeks on Thursday Night Football). Brock Purdy Mr. Irrelevant to So Relevant.
  4. Tampa Bay 6-6 (Brady loves comebacks against NFC South teams in hilarious fashion)
  5. WC Dallas 9-3. Dominating now but trying to catch the Eagles. That Mike McCarthy looks like a good coach
  6. WC 7-4-1 New York Giants. That tie screws some teams
  7. WC Seattle 7-5. Geno Smith train baby
  8. Outside Washington 7-5-1. They are better without Wentz as are all teams.
  9. Lions 5-7. You’re telling me there’s a chance. Probably have to run the table due to that stupid tie and easy schedule for Seattle (and Seattle has the head to head tie breaker winning 48-45). Lions should have beat Vikings, Seahawks and Bills. So close I can taste it but 2023 is the Lions year
  10. Falcons 5-8
  11. Packers 5-8. Need a miracle run the table with 2 of Washington, New York and Seattle only winning one game each
  12. Arizona 4-8. Klingsbury hot seat and most likely done
  13. Carolina 4-8. Guess they have a shot for NFC South still
  14. Saints 4-9. Blew their shot last night in hilarious fashion
  15. Rams 3-9 Stafford and Kupp IR, how the mighty have fallen. Super Bowl to bust. F Dem picks. Lions will enjoy that top 3 pick from the Rams for Stafford and Jameson Williams
  16. Bears 3-10 ELIMINATED. BEARS TOO HIGH. But boy can Fields run like the windy city