Overreaction Monday: Packers Edition

LKP After Lions Win
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Aaron Rodgers

Packers quarterback looked awful for 4 quarters during Sunday’s game vs the Buffalo Bills.  While flying to Buffalo, Rodgers must have caught some bug from the air of Detroit, causing him to turn into a below average NFL quarterback.  This is the only logical explanation for what NFL fans saw on Sunday.

Special Teams

This unit definitely puts the “special” into this team.  Just when you think the training staff is ready to run away as the most incompetent staff in the organization, the special teams unit has a game like this and overtakes the training staff.  1 blocked field goal, 1 missed PAT, and a punt return for a TD is a good day for these guys.  Whatever happened to keeping 15 TE’s Ted?

Wide Receivers

More like wide open pass droppers.  Amirite?  I’m sure Nelson just forgot to envision the football as a roll of toilet paper.  Either way the entire corp will need something to wipe up this crappy game with.


Cut everyone, start over, and sell ownership to the Ford family so the Packers become winners like the Detroit Lions.