Pick’em Challenge: And the Winner Is…

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His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson.


That’s right ladies and gentlemen, jmac3444 is the winner of the inaugural FYS Pick’em Challenge.  Mr. 344 held off challenger bpalton by one point, winning the title with 177 correctly chosen games to bpalton’s 176.  No FYS member made the overall ESPN leaderboard, where the 33rd placed contestant had a 184.

Nevertheless, well done Jmac3444.  You earned your victory.  Like a real man, you held off all challengers.  Though the top of the leaderboard saw many changes, no other made his or her picks with your honesty and integrity, knowing which choices were right and making those right choices the right way.  While for others the choices were confusing, not so for you.  The choices didn’t have to be explained; you knew which to make because which to make was told to you by your heart, and the heart of a real man is true; not timid but bold; not wavering, but steady; and above all, right.

Here’s to you, man amongst men, jmac3444.

Week 17 Top Five

1. jmac3444 (12)

1. bpalton (12)

1. smtate91 (12)

1. LaCW (12)

1. sgunderson17 (12)

Overall Top Ten

1. jmac3444 (177)

2. bpalton (176)

3. niemerg21 (168)

4. LoW (167)

5. Natesweet (166)

6. TheReal C-Jammin (163)

7. sgunderson17 (161)

7. LaCW (161)

9. smtate (158)

10. BlutosPackers (157)

10. curtisfryer (157)

Congratulations to everyone listed above.  To the rest, better luck next year.