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We still talkin bout playoffs. Week 15 is upon us and all four North teams are still technically not eliminated. Bears will probably win the North sitting at 9-4. Vikings need two (2) more wins to probably make the playoffs. Packers need to win out and get help below. Lions need to win out and get help below.

Lions have a glorious four percent chance. How will they make it you say? A little something called magic.

Lions win out beating Buffalo (away and cold), Vikings and Packers (away and cold). Vikings are a mess along with  the Bills offense and Packers. Plus the Lions practiced in the snow a few weeks ago. They are ready for glory.

Vikings lose to either Bears OR Dolphins (along with Lions at Ford Field). Fired their OC. Embarrassment of riches more like embarrassment of bitches on that team.

Eagles lose at Rams AND to Houston (or Washington but not likely to lose that game). Super tough games for Philly next two weeks. The Philly Special is losing 2 more games.

Redskins lose their next two games at Jaguars and at Titans (and probably to the Eagles too even though it is in Washington). This is likely despite the Jaguars mess. Butt fumble boi is a bigger mess at QB.

Carolina loses one more game (Saints at home, Falcons at home, at Saints). This is likely since they went full on suck lately.

Packers lose to the Lions in Lambeau. Or to Bears and Jets and they are out. R-E-L-A-X during the early postseason and coach hunt.

Tampa Bay loses one more game (at Ravens, at Cowboys, Falcons home). This is likely because it’s Tampa.

Giants lose one more game (Titans, at Colts, Cowboys). Giants have played better recently but they will drop one of these games.

Let’s hope this happens and makes it a glorious playoff year. But basically this confirms, it is a SUPER DOWN YEAR in the NFC.