Position Ranking: Safety

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We made it. This is the last position ranking article because I refuse to acknowledge special teams. Safeties is the topic de jeur.

1. Harrison Smith (Vikings): Stud. I know it. You know it. I know Shooter knows it.

2. Eddie Jackson (Bears): Guy is an all pro despite a “solid only” year in 2019. Ballhawk big play safety. Sorry Ms Jackson, he is forrrr reallll. Never meant to make your QB, I will get picks a million times. Figure out how to downvote this.

3a Adrian Amos (Packers): 15th ranked in 2019 with Green Bay in his first year on a big contract. Good signing stealing him from the Bears.

3b Marcus Williams (Saints): 4th ranked in 2019 and underrated player for the Saints.

4a. Duron Harmon (Lions): Good free safety from the Patriots that should fix things for Detroit. 18th ranked in 2019.

4b Anthony Harris (Vikings): Somehow the top ranked safety in 2019 and has been solid since taking over SS for the Vikings. On the franchise tag trying to get paid.

5. Tracy Walker (Lions): 21st ranked in 2019 despite some injuries and no Lions pass rush. Covers well and can support the run in the box. Harmon next to him should help him.

6a Keanu Neal (Falcons): Had some good years but battled injuries and poor play in 2019. Still a good strong safety though

6b Tre Boston (Panthers): Great in coverage but terrible in run defense

6c Malcolm Jenkins (Saints): Veteran safety who was pretty good most of his career. Back on the Saints after years in Philly. Saints happy to have him back to pair with Williams after losing Vonn Bell.

7 Chauncy Gardner-Johnson (Saints): 30th ranked out of 84 in almost 600 snaps. The Saints have three safeties that can play still.

7b Darnell Savage (Packers): Solid rookie season (46th ranked) with potential for this 2019 1st round pick

7c Antoine Winfield Jr (Bucs): Undersize safety but if he plays like his dad he will be a good player. 2nd round pick rookie

8a Justin Burris (Panthers): Solid grade in 409 snaps

8b Jeremy Chinn (Panthers): Second round pick rookie from small school Southern Illinois

8c Justin Evans (Bucs): 2017 2nd round pick that is in do or die mode for Tampa Bay

8d Mike Edwards (Bucs): 2nd round pick in 2019 that was below average as a rookie. Potential is there

8e Damonte Kazee (Falcons): CB turned safety. Meh player but some potential to grow

9 Ricardo Allen (Falcons): Below average for the Falcons but had some solid seasons. Maybe he should be higher but screw Jammin

10 Tashaun Gipson (Bears): Veteran that has been up and down in his career. Coming from Jacksonville to the Bears to be a starter. Below average in 2019

11 Will Harris (Lions): Bad rookie year as a 3rd round pick but should get better with experience. Needs to tackle much better