Power Rankings, Week 11

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His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson.

We are through 11 weeks, and it is getting hard to ignore the trends of the season.  The NFC East and AFC West both look extremely strong, though they may beat each other up down the stretch.  Dallas, New England, and Seattle seem to be the cream of the crop deserving of their own “elite” grouping, with a few teams, including the upstart Raiders, Chiefs, and Broncos not far behind.  Meanwhile, the NFC South and NFC North, which house the home teams of this beloved blogspace, are mediocre at best.  Atlanta may make some noise, and some fevered folk are feeling good about the Lions, but no contenders are here to be found.

LOL Saints

LOL Bucs

LOL Panthers

LOL Vikings

LOL Packers

And mostly, as always, LOL Bears.

1Dallas CowboysWith a win over Pittsburgh and a Patriots loss, there's a new crownholder.
2New England PatriotsI still think they are better than the raiders and am expressing that belief through my rankings.
3Oakland RaidersFine young men, all. Nice bye week. Good job.
4Seattle SeahawksI bet they enjoyed winning that game because it was a lot like a game they lost.
5Kansas City Chiefs Nobody talks about them much, and the Panthers have sucked suckily... but are the Chiefs sneakily really good?
6Denver BroncosLuckiest shit I have ever seen.
7Houston TexansLike the Chiefs, they just keep winning. You'd like to knock them for barely beating the Jaguars, but a win's a win and in the league this year, that goes far.
8New York GiantsGood God this year is weird.
9Washington RedskinsThree NFCE teams in the top ten, joining three AFCN teams. Arguably Philly belongs as well.
10Detroit LionsNice bye week.
11Atlanta FalconsI still like this team, but the offense has to figure out what to do when defenses make it their mission to stop Julio. They've done well at times, but need more consistency.
12Philadelphia EaglesNice win over ATL. Again, the NFCE is strong. Weird.
13Miami DolphinsDon't look now, but the Fins are on a roll.
14New Orleans SaintsDropping just one spot. Playing Denver to a should-be-victory can't be overlooked.
15Minnesota VikingsTheir continued slide is the thing making the Packers' awfulness OK.
16Arizona Cardinals This is what qualifies for the last team in the top 16. A barely-beat-San-Fran-at-home Cardinals squad. Palmer done?
17Pittsburgh SteelersStanding pat after playing the Cowboys tough.
18Baltimore RavensBeating the Browns is not all that impressive. But OK.
19Tennessee TitansThey got off to a slow start, but have scored 35 or more points three straight weeks. Its not *all* about the Packers sucking.
20Buffalo BillsStanding pat on a bye week.
21Indianapolis ColtsMoving up one on a bye week.
22Tampa Bay BuccaneersRolling the Bears is good for a bit of a boost.
23San Diego ChargersJust a week ago I moved them way up the rankings, only to watch them fail against the Dolphins at home.
24Los Angeles Rams9-6 over the Jets. WTF.
25Green Bay Packers😨
26Cincinnati BengalsNot good and bad.
27Carolina PanthersBad, and not good.
28New York JetsSo, so bad.
29Jacksonville JaguarsWhy God why.
30Chicago BearsSame old Jay.
31San Fransisco 49ersSo bad
32Cleveland Browns0-16! 0-16! 0-16!