Power Rankings, Week 12: Global Shift

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His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson.

The Lions consolidated their hold on the NFC North.  The Falcons did big boy things, but the Buccaneers, of all teams, remain close behind.  The Packers looked good and not bad.  The year 2016 has seen a lot of global changes, but Dom Capers has job security forever.

Let’s rank some things.

1Dallas CowboysMaybe Minnesota can be the team to knock them off the pedestal.
2New England PatriotsTerrific Tom did enough to beat the Jets without Gronk and with little running help. But they are very reliant offensively on an oft-injured buffoon.
3Oakland Raidersteeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrraiders.
4Seattle SeahawksThis team should actually be ranked 7, with the others going upwards accordingly. LOLFYS.
5Kansas City Chiefs Thanks to some questionable decisions by the Broncos, they remain a real contender in the best division in the history of football.
6Denver BroncosGutsy call meng. I won't penalize them for holding pace and coming up short against what might be the best iteration of the Andy Reid Chiefs.
7New York GiantsBeating the Browns isn't the most impressive thing, but its hard to argue with 8-3.
8Atlanta FalconsI actually watched this game. Professional win for a team hoping to contend.
9Detroit LionsThe Vikings have had every chance to maintain control of the division, but the Lions are just better than them (and everyone else) down the stretch.
10Miami DolphinsReally sneaking up there as a wild card favorite, assuming someone in the AFCW (the Broncos) falls off.
11Washington RedskinsGave the top dog a real run.
12Baltimore RavensSmaht.
13Houston TexansOn the verge of the top five a few short weeks ago. Losing at home to a bottom dweller will do that.
14Pittsburgh SteelersI can't quite conclude if they are living on reputation, or a team on the verge of being pretty good. In any event, nice job smoking Luckless Indy.
15Tampa Bay BuccaneersI think Mike Evans might have dominated the Seahawks defensive backs in a more physical manner than any wide receiver I can remember.
16Buffalo BillsHanging around in the playoff picture, but its tough in the AFC.
17Minnesota VikingsI am officially able to admit that they are bad and not good.
18New Orleans SaintsHey, beat the Lions. Ok? Ok.
19Tennessee TitansAlmost had a hiccup against Chicago, but the latter dropped the ball.
20Indianapolis ColtsKinda gonna need the QB back.
21Green Bay PackersHey! They looked good and not bad!
22San Diego ChargersNice win and stuff.
23Arizona CardinalsSloppy team is sloppy.
24Philadelphia EaglesSuffering your first home loss of the season and putting up 13 on the formerly hapless Pack is a low point.
25Carolina PanthersRemember 2015? Good times.
26Cincinnati BengalsNot good and bad.
27Los Angeles RamsYou sure you don't want to send them back, Hollywood?
28New York JetsGave the Pats a run for their money, but played little brother as always.
29Chicago BearsHey, you showed some pluck. Way to climb out of the 30s.
30Jacksonville JaguarsBizarre and ugly and incomprehensible, even for Florida.
31San Fransisco 49ers¡Viva la Revolución!
32Cleveland Browns0-16! 0-16! 0-16!
Fidel Castroded.