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Here are the tru rankings. If you disagree, it confirms you are an idiot. Enjoy!!

  1. Lions. Best team in league. Refs and injuries screwed them in the three losses. They beat the Packers and Patriots easily and won in the extreme sunshine in Miami.
  2. Patriots. No Gronk. No problem. They beat the HAPLESS Bears
  3. Rams. Tru 7-0 and it shows as 7-0 in the standings. I’ve never seen anything like that.
  4. Chiefs. Back to your winning ways I see.
  5. Saints.  You won because the impossible happened. Justin Tucker missed an extra point afrer making 248 in a row. Consider youself lucky
  6. Steelers. Steelers move to first place on the bye. Shameful shit AFC North.
  7. Vikings. At least somebody can beat the Jets. Week 1 was such a fluke for the Lions.
  8. Green Bay Rodgers. Bye bye bye. Maybe you will run the ball a little now
  9. Chargers. Titans went for two and failed and lost in London. Basic math. Won without Gordon.
  10. Panthers. Comeback cats
  11. Ravens. Tucker pulled a Crosby
  12. Redskins. Somehow you lead the NFC East. Nobody saw that coming.
  13. Eagles. Fall Eagles Fall
  14. Dolphins. If you can’t take the heat, you lose to Detroit. Kerryon my wayward son.
  15. Bears. Was the sun too hot in Chicago too. Gronkless Pats got the W. One yard short
  16. Bengals. Perpetually not ready for big games
  17. Texans. Top of the AFC South. Tallest midget
  18. Jaguars. Locker room scuffle. Bless your hearts
  19. Seahawks.  I guess you still have a wild card chance.
  20. Cowboys. Traded a 1st for Amari Cooper. Jerry is desperate
  21. Titans. You went for 2. Basic math and basically you lost.
  22. Buccaneers. You beat the Browns. Here’s your cookie
  23. Broncos. You crushed the Cardinals. Here’s your cookie
  24. Falcons. You held on to beat the Giants. Here’s your fig newton. Gross
  25. Jets. Sam Darnold era. Maybe the Giants made the right choice. Bad game
  26. Browns. Back to your losing ways
  27. Colts. You miss Peyton Manning. Admit it
  28. 49ers. You suck. Sorry not sorry.
  29. Bills. Allen hurt and your other QBs are diarrhea. Thanks for beating the Vikings though
  30. Raiders. Traded another good player away. You win the 2019 draft but not 2018 football games.
  31. Giants. You almost came back but then you couldn’t execute some QB sneaks with herp derp at QB
  32. Cardinals. Rosen rookie trash. Defense falling apart. Fitz unhappy. Peterson wants out.