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It’s the doldrums of the offseason. Mini-camps are happening around the league with players running around in pajamas and underwear, not practicing while hurt or staying away due to contract situations. So let’s talk contracts and future cap space for the NFC North teams. Why? Why the hell not?

Big Contracts

Justin Jefferson Vikings 4 years 140 million (88 million guaranteed at signing) on top of his 5th year option. Jefferson under contract five more season with the Vikings. 35 million new money average

2024 cap hit: 8.512 million (much lower from his 19 million cap hit previously)

2025 cap hit: 15.37 million

2026 cap hit: 39.137 million (40 dead)

2027 cap hit: 43.397 million (14 dead)

2028 cap hit: 47.387 million (7 dead)

No brainer deal for the Vikings despite some huge cap hits in 2026-2028. Cap rises and could be restructured if needed with 24.9 and 29.5 base salaries in 2026 and 2027.

Jared Goff Lions 4 years 212 million extension on top of the 32 million he had coming into 2024 (113 million guaranteed at signing). 53 million new money average.

2024 cap hit: 27.2 million (was 32 million coming into 2024)

2025 cap hit: 32.6 million

2026 cap hit: 69.6 million (63.8 dead)

2027 cap hit: 54.6 million (29.2 dead)

2028 cap hit: 61.6 million (14.6 dead)

Goff has played well with the Lions and earned to be the Lions starters 3 more years at least. Lions still have a ton of cap room in 2026 despite handing out 3 big contracts this offseason. Goff flat out produces top 5 offenses with good passing game to complement the run game well. He is set up for success.

Amon Ra St Brown 4 years 120 million on top of 4th year of rookie deal. St Brown will be a Lion for 5 more seasons. 34.6 GTD Signing, 77 total GTD

2024 cap hit: 4.862 million from 2 million

2025 cap hit: 13.910 million

2026 cap hit: 33.111 million (16.7 dead)

2027 cap hit: 28.989 million (11.7 dead)

2028 cap hit: 41 million (6.7 dead)

Very backloaded deal like Jefferson’s that doesn’t hit big until 2026-2028. Lions have the most in 2028 and would re-do a new deal at that time (most likely signficantly lowering his 2028 cap hit). St Brown all pro stud and very smart move from Lions.

Penei Sewell 4 years 112 million extension on top of 4th year of his rookie deal, on top of his 5th year option exercises. So 6 more seasons for the Lions with Sewell (42.9 guaranteed signing, 86 overall GTD)

2024 cap hit: 8.167 million (from 6 million)

2025 cap hit: 9.54 million (instead of 20 million 5th year option)

2026 cap hit:  28 million (29 dead)

2027 cap hit: 32 million (21 dead)

2028 cap hit: 34 million (13 dead)

2029 cap hit: 27 million (5 dead)

Such an awesome contract and Sewell is a Lion for a long long time. All pro stud.

Bears: Nobody recently. Jaylon Johnson got re-signed prior to free agency.

Vikings: Will need to sign Darrisaw to huge money (Sewell money) or ride it out next 2 years and end up paying more. As you see, the Sewell cap hit is less than the 5th year option amount.

Packers: Jordan Love will get 50 million per year. Gute said he would try to sign by training camp. Got a cheap 2024 cap hit to mix in. Probably structured a lot like Goff’s contract. Zach Tom will be eligible next year.

Lions: Should think about re-signing Taylor Decker (contract year but will be cheaper due to age but probably has 3 years left but still starting LT money) and Alim McNeil is a free agent next year probably commanding 20 million per year. Probably worth a tag though if he balls out this year next to DJ Reader. Lions have the cap space for that too.

Cap Space

Lions 2024 38 million (3rd), 2025 69 million (6th), 2026 140 million (18th). Less for McNeil and Decker adds. Still cap heaven despite 3 big contracts and cheap but high picked CBs and others. Hutch could be paid in 2025 or 2026 (prior to 4th or 5th year), La Porta (2026 offseason), Branch 2026 offseason.

Packers 2024 28.5 million (8th), 63.5 million (9th), 2026 167 miilion (14th). Note will be less once Jordan Love gets a new contract

Vikings 2024: 26.1 million (11th), 2025 63.7 (8th), 2026 169.2 million (13th). Some cap heaven with rookie QB contract

Bears 2024 22.7 million (15th), 2025 74 million (5th), 242 million (6th). 2025 UFAs Keenan Allen and Teven Jenkins FAs. 2026 DJ Moore, Billings, Brisker, Kyler Gordon, TJ Edwards and Braxton Jones (probably replaced). Cap heaven with rookie QB contract