Week 4: Lions at Bears Recap

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What the Fuck!!!The Detroit Lions (1-3) had a third soul crushing loss in a row in this 2016 season. This time Detroit fell 17-14 on the road to the lowly and injured Chicago Bears (1-3) due to a terrible offensive performance by Detroit and complete lack of pressure by the defensive line. Detroit is now 0-2 in the division and created a giant hole this season. Let’s relive this nightmare with words.

First Half

Chicago started with the ball and earned a first down to Zach Miller. Detroit stuffed Howard twice and then forced an incompletion to Jeffrey. Detroit was actually playing some defense. Detroit did not capitalize and went 3 and out. Riddick had a nice run (6 yards) but then a short completion to Boldin and a drop by Eric Ebron killed the drive.

Sam Martin had a great punt and pinned the Bears at their own 17. However, Brian Hoyer led a10 play 83 yard masterpiece. Detroit did not pressure at all and allowed a 12 yard run to Howard also. The Bears were in the redzone and the Lions seemingly made a second down stop. However, Tahir Whitehead was charged with a completely bogus pass interference penalty and the Bears were just gifted a first down. Hoyer converted on the next play to Eddie Royal for the touchdown.

The Lions still did not wake up offensively. Andre Roberts had a terrible 16 yard return and Ebron committed a false start. Stafford threw an illegal forward pass across the line of scrimmage. The Lions followed that up with 2 terrible incompletions and another quick punt 3 and out. Chicago could have taken control early starting at its own 43. The Bears got one first down but a sack by Darius Slay on a CB blitz ended the drive in Bears territory.

The Lions finally got one first down on the third drive but then an Akiem Hicks sack of Stafford killed the drive. Travis Swanson was beaten badly on the play. Detroit got another great punt by Sam Martin (57 yards) which changed the field position thankfully. Chicago earned one first down but then a holding penalty hurt them on 2nd down. Detroit stopped Chicago short of the sticks on third down. It looked like a defensive game so far.

The Lions again went 3 and out with two incompletes on the drive. This was the Lions third three and out in four drives. Cooter Magic was broken. The Bears drove ten plays to the Lions 43 but rookie DT A’Shawn Robinson made a great stuff on 4th down of former Lion Joique Bell. Detroit changed the momentum with that stuff.

Detroit drove 9 plays into long field goal range but Golden Tate dropped a crucial 3rd and 2. Caldwell didn’t go for it and elected for the 50 yard field goal. Prater made the kick and the Lions cut the lead to 7-3.

The Bears again moved the ball to the Lions 30 yard line with a long drive. Kerry Hyder eaned his 5th sack of the year and moved the Bears back though. Connor Barth missed the 50 yard field goal and Bears fans were missing Robbie Gould. Detroit had the momentum for the taking.

Detroit drove to the Bears 22 yard line on a beautiful two minute drive. The Lions were out of time out but seemed to want to take a shot at the end zone. However, Golden Tate was supposed to run an out route and didn’t and Stafford was hung out to dry throwing an interception to Jacoby Glenn. It was dumb not to kick the field goal and dumb to run the wrong route and dumb to throw an out route when going for a touchdown. The Lions missed out on 3 points and the Bears Hail Mary attempt failed at the end of the half. The refs handed the Bears four points and the Lions cost themselves 3 points.

Second Half

Detroit got the ball and Andre Roberts surprisingly had a good kickoff return for a change. The Lions had their best drive of the game going 13 plays for 66 yards. Riddick ran well for two first downs and Stafford scrambled for a first down to kick start the drive. Stafford hit Marvin Jones and Boldin for big first downs. Detroit was to the Bears 5 yard line. Riddick had a nice four yard run on first down to the one yard line. Then Cooter channeled his inner Joe Lombardi and ran straight up the gut twice with Riddick and then Zenner. The Bears seemed to time the snap perfectly on 3rd down and tackled Zenner in the backfield to stop Detroit. Prater kicked a short field goal and it was 7-6.

Detroit’s offense showed up but Detroit’s defense stayed in the locker room. The Lions forced a 3rd and 11 but then Quandre Diggs stumbled and Eddie Royal snatched a 64 yard gain. Detroit forced another 3rd down in the red zone but then rookie Antwione Willaims blew an assignment and let Zach Miller wide open for the easy TD grab. Chicago was up 14-6.

Surely this would wake Detroit up. It didn’t. The Lions had an illegal block on the kickoff and started at their own 10 yard line. Zach Zenner showed signs of life with a 22 yard grab and 10 yard run. The Lions were moving the ball but then Boldin dropped a first down pass and Stafford threw behind Riddick on 3rd down. The drive stalled. Zenner showed signs of life and Cooter went away from him.

Ok, maybe the Lions will get mad and play some defense. Nope. Chicago drove 11 plays 73 yards killing almost 6 minutes of 3rd/ 4th Quarter clock. Detroit got not pressure and Howard ran well. The drive stalled in the redzone where Detroit tackled tight end Meredith short of the sticks on 3rd down. Barth converted the easy field goal and the Bears took a commanding 11 point lead.

Detroit had one last gasp. Detroit drove 52 yards to Chicago’s 23 yard line. However on 2nd and 10, Ebron stopped his route and Stafford threw an easy interception to rookie CB Diondre Hall. The Lions last gasp went for naught and the Bears just had to milk the clock.

Chicago leaned on Howard and he earned one first down. However, Howard was stuffed the next 3 plays and Chicago had to punt. Detroit needed a miracle and got one from an 85 yard punt return from Andre Roberts. Stafford hit Golden Tate on a slant for the two point conversion. Detroit just needed an onside kick. The onside kick was decently executed and the Bears recovered despite touching it before it went 10 yards. The Lions miserable day came to an end after three Hoyer kneels.


Stafford had a 56 QB rating day with 2 interceptions that weren’t his fault but no TDs. Theo Riddick had 2.8 yards on 11 carries. Dwayne Washington was hurt after 2 carries (Detroit can’t have nice things). Marvin Jones led the way with 74 yards and Ebron had 42 but showed an awful day blocking with penalties (2) plus had one drop. Tate was benched in the second half after the miscommunication interception late in the first half.

Brian Hoyer had all day to throw and earned 120 QB rating with over 300 yards. This was pathetic by Detroit. They need Ansah and Levy back in the worst way. Devin Taylor’s ankle injury didn’t help but the DTs pass rush is non-existent. Wallace Gilberry, Kerry Hyder, Brandon Copeland and a gimpy Taylor can’t get any pressure. The DTs got almost no push. The blitzes by Detroit are typically picked up and Hoyer’s life was easy. Any QB can torch you if you don’t bring any pass rush especially a veteran like Hoyer.

Rookie Jordan Howard had 4.8 YPC and 111 yards on 23 carries. Howard could be better than Langford.

What’s Next

Detroit is in a huge hole at 1-3. The Titans and Bears games were games they needed to win. Now the Lions must win their next 4 games or 3 of the next 4 at least. It’s not impossible but way less probable now with how badly they have been playing. They can’t string together good offense and defense at the same time.

The good news is the Lions have the next 3 at home. The bad news is the Eagles are 3-0, the Redskins have won their last 2 and the Rams are somehow 3-1 despite a Week 1 flop. Detroit is in trouble and must fix a lot of issues. They need Ansah and Levy back in the worst way. We’ll see within the next few weeks if it’s another lost season for Detroit.