2016 Playoff Offenses

LKP After Lions Win
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And then there were 8.  As the pool of remaining teams continues to diminish let’s take a look at how the offenses stack up against each other.  Each unit was graded individually with 8 being the best of the remaining teams and 1 being the worst.

The Rankings

Pittsburgh Steelers667625
Atlanta Falcons578424
Dallas Cowboys385824
Green Bay Packers716721
New England Patriots851519
Houston Texans144211
Kansas City Chiefs232310
Seattle Seahawks423110

It is of no surprise that the Steelers, Cowboys, and Falcons all top my list.  While the Cowboys excel at running the ball, and the Falcons excel with passing the ball, while the Steelers have the most balanced offense left in the playoffs.

Get mad at me for your team’s ranking, but just remember you could have the Houston or Kansas City offense.  So you have that going for you, which is nice.