2023 Week 7 Power Rankings

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The Not-As-Good-As-MiB Power Rankings™ are now available.  Read them at you leisure and then come clown LKP in the comments.


1 Up ArrowUp 16-1Philadelphia EaglesBack to the top
2 Up ArrowUp 16-1Kansas City ChiefsYou'll never be #1 as long as you're banging Taylor Swift
3 Up ArrowUp 44-2Seattle SeahawksHave I said, "Fuck Pete Carroll"?
4 Up ArrowUp 54-2Dallas CowboysYou moved up because I had no choice
5 Up ArrowUp 54-3Atlanta FalconsKeep working on that draft pick
6 Down ArrowDown 15-2Miami DolphinsNo shame in losing to #1, eh?
7 Down ArrowDown 65-2Detroit LionsNo #1 spot for you!
8 Up ArrowUp 34-2Pittsburgh SteelersI don't think I've seen them play this season
9 Up ArrowUp 35-2Jacksonville JaguarsLook at you winning and shit
10 Down ArrowDown 33-3Tampa Bay BucsYou're too high, but everyone else sucks
11 Up ArrowUp 35-2Baltimore RavensProbably should be higher, but I don't like you
12 Up ArrowUp 104-2Cleveland BrownsBig mover of the week
13 Down ArrowDown 115-2San Francisco 49ersHAHAHAHAHA
14 Down ArrowDown 64-3Buffalo BillsReally wanted to drop you further, but see Tampa Bay
15 Up ArrowUp 153-4Minnesota VikingsBigger mover of the week
16 Up ArrowUp 123-3Houston TexansMove up 13 spots on your bye? Not too shabby.
17 Down ArrowDown 22-4Los Angeles ChargersI'm just phoniing it in now
18 Up ArrowUp 72-5New Engand PatriotsYou beat a good team, so I'll move you to here
19 Down ArrowDown 23-4Indianapolis ColtsI mean you lost. I had to move you down.
20 Up ArrowUp 92-5Denver BroncosSean Payton > MLF
21 Down ArrowDown 52-4Green Bay PackersExtend Jordan Love NOW!
22 Down ArrowDown 93-4New Orleans SaintsGod, our coaching staff sucks.
23 Up ArrowUp 12-5Chicago BearsWhatever, they won
24 Down ArrowDown 53-3New York JetsSome teams move up on their bye, but not you.
25 Down ArrowDown 53-3Cincinnati BengalsSee the Jets
26 Push ArrowPush2-5New York Giants*shrugs shoulders*
27 Down ArrowDown 93-4Los Angeles RamsStafford still sucks
28 Down ArrowDown 52-4Tennessee TitansMaybe play a game next week
29 Down ArrowDown 21-6Arizona CardinalsMember when Nipples said not to draft Kyler Murray?
30 Down ArrowDown 93-4Las Vegas RaidersYou lost to the Bears. I'd put you lower if I could
31 Push ArrowPush3-4Washington CommandersI just don't care enough to really rank you
32 Push ArrowPush0-6Carolina PanthersYou look comfortable here
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