2023 Week 8 Power Rankings

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Some teams moved up.  Some moved down.  One didn’t move at all.


Enjoy.  Or don’t.


I really don’t care.


1 Push ArrowPushPhiladelphia Eagles7-1Still here
2 Up ArrowUp 1Seattle Seahawks5-2Will someone kill that old man?
3 Up ArrowUp 1Dallas Cowboys5-2Moobs >>> MLF
4 Up ArrowUp 2Miami Dolphins6-2Some joke about Hootie and the Blowfish
5 Up ArrowUp 2Detroit Lions6-2Top 5 for LKP
6 Up ArrowUp 3Jacksonville Jaguars6-2Sunshine is doing pretty well
7 Down ArrowDown 2Atlanta Falcons4-4They suck, but they lead the NFCS
8 Up ArrowUp 3Baltimore Ravens6-2Racist comment about Lamar
9 Up ArrowUp 5Buffalo Bills5-3We have a lake effect snow warning for today
10 Down ArrowDown 2Pittsburgh Steelers4-3I really don't care
11 Up ArrowUp 4Minnesota Vikings4-4We'll send you Derek Carr for nothing in return
12 Down ArrowDown 10Kansas City Chiefs6-2Those T-Mobile commercials are stupid
13 Up ArrowUp 4Los Angeles Chargers3-4I've got nothing
14 Down ArrowDown 4Tampa Bay Bucs3-4I'm okay if a hurricane wipes out Tampa
15 Up ArrowUp 7New Orleans Saints4-4I'm okay if a hurricane wipes out New Orleans
16 Up ArrowUp 4Denver Broncos3-5Sean Payton kickin' ass and takin' names
17 Down ArrowDown 5Cleveland Browns4-3Poo is also brown
18 Down ArrowDown 5San Francisco 49ers5-3You're Joe Burrow's bitch
19 Up ArrowUp 5New York Jets4-3Didn't even need Aaron Rodgers
20 Up ArrowUp 5Cincinnati Bengals4-3LSU great Ja'Marr Chase plays here
21 Down ArrowDown 3New Engand Patriots2-5Hate them
22 Down ArrowDown 3Indianapolis Colts3-5Indifferent
23 Down ArrowDown 7Houston Texans3-4Don't care
24 Down ArrowDown 3Green Bay Packers2-5Almost dropped you below the Bears
25 Up ArrowUp 3Tennessee Titans3-4Maybe take some classes on how to play football
26 Down ArrowDown 3Chicago Bears2-6BEAR DOWN!
27 Down ArrowDown 1New York Giants2-6Meh
28 Down ArrowDown 1Los Angeles Rams3-5Stafford still sucks
29 Up ArrowUp 3Carolina Panthers1-6The Panties are earning their name
30 Down ArrowDown 1Arizona Cardinals1-7They'd probably be worse is Murray was playing
31 Down ArrowDown 1Las Vegas Raiders3-5Go back to Oakland you fucks
32 Down ArrowDown 1Washington Commanders3-5In command of last place
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