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LKP After Lions Win
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So many activities going on and so little time in one day. Here is a summary of all the great sporting activities happening today and through the weekend. Buckle up because its about to get crazy.

PGA Championship

Whether you like it or not, golf is on TV. Its hours and hours of white guys hitting white balls into a cup. A revolutionary game perfected by guys just trying to avoid their wife and kids for hours at a time. The second round of the PGA Championship tees off today with Brooks Koepka holding a commanding four stroke lead. Giggity.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

The NHL conference finals look to take shape over the weekend. Boston has already swept the Carolina Hurricanes and are advancing to the Finals. Just what the sports world needs, another Boston team going for a Championship.

Boston awaits the winner of the San Jose Sharks / St Louis Blues series. The Sharks hold a 2-1 series lead as the head into tonight’s game. The puck drops at 7 PM CT with game five on Sunday at 2 PM CT.

If you find white guys hitting white balls offensive you can always tune into this series to see white guys hitting black pucks instead. If you’re into that kind of thing.

NBA Playoffs

Don’t like those other sports, then you’re in luck, some guy was all like “what if I took this ball and tossed it into the peach basket?” And just like that basketball was born. Now basketball can’t be tied to race too much because the ball is orange. But you could pretend its Donald Trump, if you’re into that kind of thing. Anyway lots happening in the NBA.

The Portland Trailblazers fell to the Golden State Warriors last night, falling behind 0-2 in the series. Their next game in Portland is on Saturday at 8 PM CT. If Portland can’t secure a victory, the series will be all but over.

On the other side of the country you have the Milwaukee Bucks taking on the Toronto Raptors. Milwaukee jumped out to a 1-0 Series lead after their game Wednesday and look to extend their series lead tonight at 7:30 PM CT. The series then shifts international on Sunday when the Raptors host game 3 in Toronto. That game tips at 6 PM CT. Tune in, or don’t, I’m not your mother. Thankfully I’m not, otherwise, based on the comments here, I am quite the whore.

MLB Baseball


If watching golf on TV didn’t put you to sleep you can always fall back on baseball.