This is the Week of the Big Game

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His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson.

Hey.   With the Big Game just around the corner,  let’s look at some things:

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots

What:  The Big Game

Where: Minneapolis, Minnesota

When: Sunday, February 4th, at 5:30 p.m. CST

Why Watch: Drinking and Football Mix

Why not Watch: You are a commie moron


Offensive Ranking, yards per game:  Patriots 1, Eagles 7

Offensive Ranking, points per game: Patriots 2, Eagles 3

Defensive Ranking, yards per game:  Eagles 4, Patriots 29

Defensive Ranking, points per game: Eagles 4, Patriots 5

Bad use of golf metaphor number for deciding which team is better: Eagles total score 18, Patriot total score 37, Eagles are almost twice as good.

Sexist WAG Comparison

Tom Brady and Gisele:

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Nick Foles and Tori Moore

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Have a good week!