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The Depression

Hey, Packers fans, you just witnessed arguably the most embarrassing loss in the history of your team!  Not only that, but it happened in Seattle’s Century Link Field, site of one the most confusing and possibly damaging losses in team history, which took away home field advantage in 2012!  Further, the team playing in that stadium is the Seahawks, who have a head coach and (putatitve) star quarterback who refused to acknowledge the terrible call that gifted them a win!  Oh, and the team’s fans are royal assholes!  The worst in the league!  And the Packers failed to shut them up!

On top of all that, the Packers have now had consecutive hall of fame quarterbacks running their teams since 1992.  In that time, they have all of two championships.  Aaron Rodgers is over 30 now, and suffered significant injuries in two straight season.  The 49ers, one of the few teams to have similar back-to-back situations, were able to muster 5!  So that’s nice for them!!!

The Bright Side

The Packers are still better than the rest of the NFC North combined.  So fans, expect to get your hopes up again next year, and to suffer a bad, but less devastating, loss in the 2015 NFL playoffs.