CYST: Week 1

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Well boys, girls and G&G, OTA’s, training camp and pre-season are done.  What does that mean?  You got it; football season is BACK!  Our long slumber is over and we once again get to revel in the misfortune of those who can’t make an accurate prediction to save their lives (no, I’m not talking about LKP here).


In years past, we did CYST via a spread-sheet in a shared Google doc.  I guess that worked well for Monson, but he went and got domesticated, or some shit, and left us forever.  When I took it over last year, I just assumed that was the way to go and tried to set it up that way.  IT SUCKED!  I mean, it was horrible for me even without Nate’s constant complaining like a nagging wife.  So, I did what any self-respecting IT geek would do; I went out and built a web site all by myself, without any help with anyone what-so-ever.  The official link will be at the bottom of this, ‘article’.


IIRC, the only way we gave points was if the team you picked to win, actually won.  What I mean by this is, if you picked Atlanta to score 28 points and win, then you don’t get credit for picking Atlanta’s score when they blow a 25 point lead.  If this is not the case, or if y’all want it to be done differently, we can hash it out in the comments.  Anyway, I have the scoring set-up as follows:


Correct Home Team Score – 1 point

Correct Visiting Team Score – 1 point

Correct Spread – 1 point

Correct Total Points – 1 point

All of the above correct (CYS) – 1 point (total of 5 points)


Also back this year is Against the Grain.  The way it is calculated now is if 75% or more pick a game to go the same way, there will be an Against the Grain opportunity if you picked the other way and your selected team actually wins.


Okay?  Yeah, whatever.  Go make your picks.


Oh, BTW, I only have the first week configured, but over the weekend, I plan on configuring the whole season so that you can pick week 17 in week 4 if you want.


And another thing; there will be two leader boards.  The official one will only include games picked in which a team from the NFCN or NFCS played in, since many of you cried like little girls last season when I was doing all the games.  The second leader board will include picks from every game and will be used for bragging rights for those of us who aren’t special little snowflakes.