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What the holy hell is this?  Why is there a Call Your Shot Thursday article on a Wednesday???  Nipples must really be losing his mind, that lupus-y fuck.  Nope, ladies, gents and Jammin, I’m perfectly sane…well close enough.  This article is coming out today because tomorrow is Donny day.  The day were we all don’t get together because of a tiny virus and eat Donny’s favorite shitty food.  I won’t be eating turkey tho because my middle son is purchasing some dry-aged rib eyes for me to cook up on the grill.  Suck it bitches.  Tomorrow we celebrate a tradition as old as time…the Lions losing on national TV.  Knowing that all of you were going to be busy stuffing your faces and getting fat(ter)…ie Shooter…I figured it would be best to get this article out today to remind you to go make your wrong picks.

While were here, let’s take a look at what happened last week.  Glorious things happened last week, that’s what.  BP managed to pick up a point by predicting the Rams would beat the Bucs by 3 points.  And that’s it for people who are not me.  That’s right, BP is the only person other than I to score a point.  Y’all suck.  How did I do you ask?  I FUCKING NAILED IT BITCHES!  That’s right, I correctly picked Aaron Donald taking a giant dump on Brady’s chest.   I said the Rams would win by a score of 27-24 and they did.  If we’re really being honest here, I just thought it would be a close game and wanted the Bucs to lose, so there you go.  Anyway, all those glorious points moved me into second place in the standings because that fucking Curtis had such a big lead.  That’s okay, I’ll just deduct some points off of him next week.


Mistakes were made and I fat fingered the final score of the Packers @ Colts game.  Normally, I wouldn’t give a fuck because it only impacted Gabes and Nate, but I didn’t have the Packers losing, and I couldn’t let that stand.  The below is now correct


Total Points:

  • thenichels, 51, Los Angeles Rams over Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(I look good in print.)

Margin of Victory:

  • bp, Los Angeles Rams over Tampa Bay Buccaneers by 3 points
  • Gabes22, Indianapolis Colts over Green Bay Packers by 3 points
  • natesweet, Indianapolis Colts over Green Bay Packers by 3 points
  • thenichels, Los Angeles Rams over Tampa Bay Buccaneers by 3 points

(I would have had the whole board to myself if it wasn’t for BP.)

Team Points:

  • thenichels, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 points in a loss vs. the Los Angeles Rams
  • thenichels, Los Angeles Rams 27 points in a win vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(Hey Nate, I got 2 points for the same game here.)

Against The Grain:

  • Empty

(I did pick the Seachickens over the Cards.)

Nailed It:

  • thenichels, Los Angeles Rams@Tampa Bay Buccaneersa

(That be me, mother fuckers.)

Leader board:

FYS User Total Points CYST Points Scored Spread ATG Home Visitor
Curtis Fryer 17 1 2 2 1 8 3
thenichels 16 1 2 2 5 3 3
Gabes22 13 2 2 4 0 3 2
potatoes 11 1 2 3 0 4 1
natesweet 10 0 1 1 3 2 3
jmac34 9 0 2 1 1 2 3
LambeauOrWrigley 8 0   0 0 3 3
DanOnWis 6 0 0 2 0 0 4
bp 5 0 1 1 0 1 2
0125 3 0 1 0 0 1 1


The above only represents games that involved the NFCN or NFCS.  If you wish, the leader board for those who weren’t too “busy” to pick all the games is here.  This only contains those of you who actually scored a point in CYST.  Want to see your name here?  Do better and stop sucking. This means you, Ethan.


Wondering why some of the names have a different background color?  Well, that’s because of a fantastic feature of the CYST site.  If you click on My Account on the top right of the CYST site (when you’re logged in), you will see my todo list for that page, but also a color picker.  If you choose a color there (and click update), that color will be the background on the site in tables where your name appears.

We have a NFCN game tomorrow in which Deshaun Watson will go ham on the Detroit “defense”.  Might be a good game, and even if it isn’t, watch and laugh at the Lions.  Now, go make your picks.  Head on over to the CYST site (that someone made all by himself, with nobody’s help what-so-ever) and make your picks. Really, I’m not kidding, go do it now.  How do you get to the site so that you can pick games?  Well, that’s a good question.  If only there was a uniform resource locator in the form of a hyperlink.



Don’t mind this part as I just wanted to say that as games get shuffled and if you made you picks for that game, it stayed with the game in its new date/time slot. Thank you, that is all.  Go make your picks.