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Here we are into our latest plague filled week where the ‘Rona is busy making me adjust the schedule for CYST.  I guess that will teach me not to be proactive and load the whole season ahead of time.  The guy who said never do today what you can put off until tomorrow was right.  Anyway, we’re all here to learn who did what in last week’s CYST.  Well, I can tell you that Curtis didn’t get any points.  None.  Zero.  Was probably too busy buying diapers to make good picks.  What does that matter, you ask?  It matters because with him being stale and me picking up 2 points, I now fucking lead CYST!  That’s right, I’ve cheated my way into first place.  As for the rest of you losers, Gabes, BP and DanOnWis each grabbed a point while LoW and JMac got 2 points each.  Interesting thing about JMac…I don’t know if y’all realize, but I track wins and losses of all our picks (you can see it here).  If you click on the column headers, it will sort by that column.  Pretty cool, huh?  Okay, the point I’m trying to make is JMac is leading that by picking 64.2% of the games correctly.  He should probably do some sports betting.  Oh yeah, before I forget, Gabes nailed the Chargers @ Bills game, but neither of those teams are in the NFCN/S, so we don’t care.


Total Points:

  • Total Nothing

(It’s like y’all don’t even care anymore.)

Margin of Victory:

  • bp, Kansas City Chiefs over Tampa Bay Buccaneers by 3 points
  • DanOnWis, New Orleans Saints over Denver Broncos by 28 points
  • LambeauOrWrigley, Kansas City Chiefs over Tampa Bay Buccaneers by 3 points

(Hey, look, it’s LoW.)

Team Points:

  • Gabes22, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 points in a loss vs. the Kansas City Chiefs
  • jmac34, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 points in a loss vs. the Kansas City Chiefs
  • LambeauOrWrigley, Denver Broncos 3 points in a loss vs. the New Orleans Saints
  • thenichels, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 points in a loss vs. the Kansas City Chiefs
  • jmac34, Carolina Panthers 27 points in a loss vs. the Minnesota Vikings
  • thenichels, New Orleans Saints 31 points in a win vs. the Denver Broncos

(Hey it’s LoW again!)

Against The Grain:

  • Empty

(I did pick the 49ers over the Chargers.)

Nailed It:

  • Not even your mother

(This is boring.)

Leader board:

FYS User Total Points CYST Points Scored Spread ATG Home Visitor
thenichels 18 1 2 2 5 4 4
Curtis Fryer 17 1 2 2 1 8 3
Gabes22 14 2 2 4 0 4 2
jmac34 11 0 2 1 1 3 4
potatoes 11 1 2 3 0 4 1
LambeauOrWrigley 10 0 2 1 0 4 3
natesweet 10 0 1 1 3 2 3
DanOnWis 7 0 0 3 0 0 4
bp 6 0 1 2 0 1 2
0125 3 0 1 0 0 1 1


The above only represents games that involved the NFCN or NFCS.  If you wish, the leader board for those who weren’t too “busy” to pick all the games is here.  This only contains those of you who actually scored a point in CYST.  Want to see your name here?  Do better and stop sucking. This means you, Potatoes.


Wondering why some of the names have a different background color?  Well, that’s because of a fantastic feature of the CYST site.  If you click on My Account on the top right of the CYST site (when you’re logged in), you will see my todo list for that page, but also a color picker.  If you choose a color there (and click update), that color will be the background on the site in tables where your name appears.

No game tonight…for now.  Don’t rest tho, the NFL may move a game here because someone’s aunt Becky heard that her penpal Marge got the ‘Rona.   Now, go make your picks.  Head on over to the CYST site (that someone made all by himself, with nobody’s help what-so-ever) and make your picks. Really, I’m not kidding, go do it now.  How do you get to the site so that you can pick games?  Well, that’s a good question.  If only there was a uniform resource locator in the form of a hyperlink.



Don’t mind this part as I just wanted to say that as games get shuffled and if you made you picks for that game, it stayed with the game in its new date/time slot. Thank you, that is all.  Go make your picks.