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CYST is early this week because most of us will be stuffing our faces on Thursday and won’t have time to call our shots.  Yep, Thanksgiving is here; a day where we give thanks for oppressing people like Raji and MaC.  A day when we all sit in front of the boob tube to LOL the Lions.  A day to fall asleep in the recliner with our pants unbuttoned….except for MaC, that pantsless freak.  Last week saw one of our senior pickers separate himself from the pack and increase his first place lead.

Nate was right, we also caught our first cheater but it wasn’t LKP like he feared.  Upon checking the spreadsheet after the Thursday night game, I noticed that we had one person who nailed it.  Thinking it was suspicious, I checked the change log and saw that the final score for this person was changed at the end of the game.  I’ll leave it up to the masses as to what the punishment should be.

How did you do?  Find out below and make sure to find the official link to the CYST spreadsheet at the end of this article and enter your predictions so that we can ridicule you next week.

Week Eleven Wrap Up

Total Points:

LoW, 45, JAX@DET

(It’s nice that he took time off of doing our wives to make this prediction)


Margin of victory:

TheHairy1, 3 pt victory, CAR over NO

SDL, 7 pt victory, DET over JAX

MKE, 7 pt victory, DET over JAX

(Stupid Hairy.  Stupid Carolina)


Nailed It:


(Fuck you, JJ)


Leader board:

SDL: 10

DanOnWis: 8

TheHairy1: 8

JJ: 7

Your New Dad: 7

BP: 5

LoW: 5

Thenichels: 4

0125: 4

Natesweet: 4

Gundy: 3

Donny: 3

Jmac: 3

Raji: 2

ASR: 2

Reggie: 2

Ethan: 2

Big Deal: 2

MKE: 2

Horse: 1

Neimberghly: 1



If you would like to have your name forever enshrined in the vast expanse that is the internet, simply call your shot in the official FYS Spreadsheet.  You can find it at the link below.  Good luck internet friends, and see you next week for another edition of CYST!!!!!