FYS Pick’em Challenge: 10 Weeks Down

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His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson.

Ten weeks of NFL action are in the books, meaning the math is finally easy enough for me to crunch some numbers.  The attentive and responsible among us have made our picks on 147 games.  Nobody has picked 100 games correctly, meaning, of course, that no one has been able to average at least ten correctly chosen games each week.  With the exception of two weeks, in which 13 games were played, the NFL has featured either 15 or 16 games per week.  Without accounting for the spread, should it be that hard to correctly choose games at a rate higher than Tony Romo completes passes?  Are we, perhaps, not collectively all that knowledgeable about the NFL?  Are we really just a bunch of guys arguing in circles on the internet?  I want to believe, but most of us are not instilling much confidence.

A special nod, therefore, to jmac3444, who continues to reign supreme for yet another week.  It is hard to stay at the top when everyone is taking shots.  Meanwhile you are going to ask everyone to say hello to everyone’s mother, you best not miss (and fall to third place).

Week 10 Recap

The Good – curtisfryer_p and sgunderson17 each chose 11 correctly.  This was a particularly impressive comeback for monsignor _p, who had a lowly 6 correct last week.  Well done, sirs.  Also, a special shout-out to natesweet who is near the top of the leader board, and gained on those above with 10 correct picks.

The Bad – MIBearfan and thebaskett, each of who only collected six correct picks.  The only thing worse than such a poor performance from MIBearfan, who has been near the top most of the year, was the collective pants-crapping by his own Chicago Bears last Sunday night.

The Ugly – Preparation_A correctly chose but 7 games.  He started the week low on the leader board, and fell yet further.  He is now 8 picks behind PF4L, or one more pick than he was able to manage this week, and just a little under his average of 8.3 correct picks per week on the season.  Also, condolences to LoW, who correctly guessed a respectable 8 games, but fell from the season top five in the face of natesweet’s strong performance.

Week 10 Top 5

  • 1) curtisfryer_P (11)
  • 1) sgunderson17 (11)
  • 3) natesweet (10)
  • 3) falconsfan0125 (10)
  • 3) 12 tied (9)

Season Top 5

  • 1) jmac3444  (99)
  • 2) niemerg21 (98)
  • 3) bpalton  (97)
  • 4) LaCW  (96)
  • 5) Natesweet (95)

Don’t forget to make your picks before the kickoff.  And for the love of everything unholy, let’s see if we can pick it up as a group.