FYS Pick’em Contest: Week Six

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His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson.

Five weeks of the season have come and gone, and most of our contestants remain within 10 points of the leader.  Week five saw a significant uptick in correct picks.  Hopefully week six will bring more of the same.  Let’s take a look back and see how we did in the Pick’em challenge last week.

Week 5 Recap

The Good – Staffords_Glove: As noted, week five was friendly to our non-professional guessers.  No one could keep pace with Staffords_Glove, however, as he correctly picked 13 of 15 games.  Multiple pretenders to the throne were able to pick 12 games correctly, but this was Glovie’s week from the start.

The Bad – Everyone was able to pick the winner of at least nine games correctly last week.  Everyone, that is, except Curtisfryer.  His score of eight should fill him with great shame.  He is, however, far from out of the contest.

The Ugly –  Actually, this week was quite pretty for the contest.

Week 5 Top 5

  • 1) Staffords_Glove  (13)
  • 2) jmac3444  (12)
  • 2) niemerg21 (12)
  • 2)  TheRajiBelt47 (12)
  • 2) Mrs Lambeau (12)
  • 2) thebaskett (12)
  • 2) ethan_fitz01 (12)

Season Top 5

  • 1) Mrs. Lambeau (49)
  • 1) jmac3444 (49)
  • 1) LaCW (49)
  • 4) LoW (47)
  • 4) bpalton (47)

Don’t forget to make your picks before the kickoff.