Game Observation: Offensive Offense

LKP After Lions Win
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What I Liked: Nothing

The defense tightened up for most of the game, limiting the Lions to only 3 offensive points through the first 3 quarters and 10 for the entire game.  But they also allowed the Lions last 3 drives to go for 7:00, 5:53, and 6:54 respectively.  Giving up those long of drives in a close game is a killer when points come at a premium.

 What I Hated: Offense

The offense was out of sync and in complete shambles.  With zero receiving threat outside of Jordy Nelson, the offense is limited and predictable.  The offensive line has played poorly all season but it isn’t something Rodgers hasn’t had to deal with in the past.  The only difference being guys aren’t getting open or just blatantly dropping passes. Without a TE to stretch the middle of the field, the linebackers can sit up for run support and disrupt the short routes across the middle.  Bostick was reported to have Jermichael Finley type attributes, but has spent his time back mostly on Special Teams.

What Concerns Me Moving Forward

The Packers were able to force 3 turnovers to end the day at +2 in the turnover column.  For previous Packer teams that should have resulted in a win.  I’m not sure if Randall Cobb and Aaron Rodgers are playing scared after their 2013 injuries or if they still have rust to shake off.  Something seems off offensively, and being a team who’s strength was supposed to be its offense is pretty alarming.

What Encourages Me Moving Forward

The Packer’s front seven was disruptive for the first time in ages accumulating 8 QB hits, 2 sacks, and a forced fumble.  Most of those coming from Julius Peppers, who had and all around stellar game.  If this unit can continue to grow together, regardless of what the offense does, they should be in a position to win some games.

Next Week

The Packers travel to Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Bears.  These two teams know each other all too well.  If the offense comes out flat yet again, its going to be a long night vs Marshall and company.  The only reassuring stat is Rodgers hasn’t lost back to back games since early 2010, but that streak could soon be snapped.