MVP Watch: Week 11

LKP After Lions Win
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With week 11 of the NFL in the books, it’s time to take a look at 5 players standing out and making their case of NFL MVP.

1) Aaron Rodgers

Quarterback, Green Bay Packers

After a slow start, Aaron Rodgers has been amazing.  Throwing 28 TDs to just 3 Ints on the season, all while not even playing the fourth quarter in his last 4 home games.  His 120.1 passer rating not only leads the league, it is 13 points higher than the second place QB, Tony Romo.  Even if he regresses just a bit it will be hard for him to lose a hold on this award.

2) DeMarco Murray

Runningback, Dallas Cowboys

A bye week may be just what the doctor ordered for Murray.  Averaging only 89.5 yards in his last two games played, if he has any intentions of catching Aaron Rodgers for the NFL MVP, he will have to turn it up for the stretch run.  Anything short of a season rushing record, won’t be enough to win his first MVP award.

3) Tom Brady

Quarterback, New England Patriots

Much like Rodgers, Tom Brady’s season started slow, but after a 2-2 start, Brady has lead his team to 6 straight wins and firmly inserted his name into the list of MVP candidates.

4) JJ Watt

Defensive End, Houston Texans

The impact of most defensive lineman have on a game tends to be more dependent on how well everyone else is playing around them.  The exception being JJ Watt.  Since entering the league in 2011, Watt has been a destructive force, doing more by himself than some defenses can do collectively.  At minimum Watt is on his way to win his second consecutive AP Defensive Player of the Year award, joining Lawrence Taylor as the second player to win the award in back to back years.

5) Peyton Manning

Quarterback, Denver Broncos

A fast start to the season keeps Manning on this list, but after the last two weeks and the loss of a few of his favorite targets, it might be the beginning of the end of his 2014 MVP campaign.

Honorable Mention: Andrew Luck, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler