MVP Watch: Week 15

LKP After Lions Win
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With week 15 of the NFL season in the books, it’s time to take a look at 5 players standing out and making their case of NFL MVP.

1) Aaron Rodgers

Quarterback, Green Bay Packers

What a horrible week for the Packer quarterback.  Posting a pedestrian passer rating in the 30’s.  Even with the bad performance, it’s hard not to keep Rodgers as the favorite when looking at his entire body of work.

2) J.J. Watt

Defensive End, Houston Texans

If you took the DNA of the late Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor, Ray Lewis, and Bruce Smith and made a person, it would look similar to J.J. Watt.  He has played incredibly well since entering the league in 2011, but the debate will always be if its enough to consider him a true MVP although being arguably the best player at any position in the NFL.

3) Tom Brady

Quarterback, New England Patriots

Brady was able to close the gap after a strong performance vs the Miami Dolphins and Rodgers struggling vs the Bills, but was it enough?

4) DeMarco Murray

Runningback, Dallas Cowboys

The argument has been that he has benefited from a strong offensive line all season.  That shouldn’t be held against Murray.  Not every RB has the vision to find those holes, and accounting for 38% of the Cowboys total yards on the season doesn’t hurt his stock either.  Eyes will be on him this week after having surgery on his non-dominant hand.

5) Peyton Manning

Quarterback, Denver Broncos

It would almost be criminal in today’s NFL to not have Manning on an MVP candidate list.

Honorable Mention: Andrew Luck, Ben Roethlisberger, Julio Jones