Nailed It! 2014: Happy Thanksgiving!

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I have been incredibly busy with family responsibilities, as is common at this time of year, so I did not have time for a full article today. However, I still did not want to deprive you of your right to call your shot on the games this weekend.  To that end, here are the games for this upcoming weekend’s games:

Simply copy and paste it to the comments, and add your predicted scores after the team names. (Substitute scores for the XX and YY.)

  • Chicago Bears XX @ Detroit Lions YY
  • Cincinnati Bengals XX @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers YY
  • New Orleans Saints XX @ Pittsburgh Steelers YY
  • Carolina Panthers XX @ Minnesota Vikings YY
  • Arizona Cardinals XX @ Atlanta Falcons YY
  • New England Patriots XX @ Green Bay Packers YY

I sincerely hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, and just wanted to say that I’m thankful that you guys participate in this every week. I’ll see you all next week with the results from last weekend, and this one too.

Editor’s Note

The FYS staff also hopes that everyone has a top-notch turkey day.  It also wanted to give a special thanks to Mr. Monson.  Nailed It! is probably the most work-intense regular feature of FYS, and without Troy’s effort the site would be a worse place.  So thank’s Monson, and happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

Also, for those participating in our FYS Pick’em challenge (once again led by jmac3444 after a 13 point week (also with 13: curtisfryer and sgunderson)),