NFC North Schedules

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The NFL schedule is out and it looks like Corona is cancelled this fall.  We already knew the opponents but now we know the when and where, the byes, the prime time games and all the little intricacies of the schedule.


vs Green Bay Week 1

at Indy Week 2

vs Tennessee Week 3

at Houston Week 4

at Seattle Week 5

vs Atlanta Week 6

Bye Week 7

at Green Bay Week 8

Detroit Week 9

at Chicago Week 10

vs Dallas Week 11

vs Carolina Week 12

vs Jacksonville Week 13

at Tampa Bay Week 14

vs Chicago Week 15

at New Orleans Week 16

at Detroit Week 17

The Vikings start the first 4 games with a huge game at home against Green Bay to open the season. They continue to face 3 AFC South opponents with 2 of those games on the road. The Vikings will need a hot start but AFC losses don’t hurt as much if they dropped the two road games. The Vikings need revenge after getting swept by Green Bay last year costing them the division.

The second quarter of the season starts with a very tough game at Seattle on Sunday Night Football. The Vikings struggle in prime time and Seattle is very tough. If there is no 12th man due to corona it won’t be as bad. The Vikings then host the Falcons and finish the series against Green Bay at Lambeau following their bye. Week 7 is a decent time for a bye. It is interesting the Vikings will be done with Green Bay by Week 8. The Vikings final game of the quarter is hosting the Lions in a divisional matchup.

Minnesota has three division games in the row traveling to Chicago to start the third quarter on Monday Night Football. This Monday nighter is followed by 3 home games for their easy stretch at home against Dallas, Carolina and Jacksonville. 4-0 will be a must here for Minnesota.

The final quarter is very tough and the Vikings will need to have a good record entering this quarter. They have 3 road games at Tampa Week 14, at Saints Week 16 and at Detroit Week 17. The Saints game is Friday on Christmas day so prime time for the third time. The lone home game is Week 15 against Chicago in their second divisional game.


at Detroit Week 1

Giants Week 2

at Falcons Week 3

Colts Week 4

Tampa Bay Week 5

at Carolina Week 6

at Rams Week 7

Saints Week 8

at Titans Week 9

Minnesota Week 10

Bye Week 11

at Green Bay Week 12

Detroit Week 13

Houston Week 14

at Minnesota Week 15

at Jacksonville Week 16

Green Bay Week 17

Bears open up on the road in Detroit to start the season. This is the first time they have played in Week 1 since the Calvin Johnson rule game in 2010. The rest of the first quarter should be easier with Giants and Colts at home and a road game against Atlanta. Chicago better start hot.

The second quarter is mixed depending if Tampa Bay and the Rams improved. The Saints will be a tough home game in Week 8. Tampa Bay is a Thursday game and the Rams game is on Monday Night Football. Visiting Carolina should be easier but still a road game.

The third quarter is tough as they travel to Tennessee and host the Vikings on Monday Night Football. The Bears get a big bye in Week 11 then go to Lambeau for Sunday Night Football. Both the Vikings and Bears gets byes before playing Green Bay this year. Finally, the Bears host Detroit to start December in Week 13 after Detroit gets extra time after the Thanksgiving game.

Finally, the Bears host Houston, travel to Minnesota and Jacksonville and finish the season home against the Packers. Pretty tough end to the season other than going to Jacksonville. Chicago better hope the season isn’t on the line against Green Bay like in 2013.


Bears Week 1

At Green Bay Week 2

at Arizona Week 3

Saints Week 4

Bye Week 5

at Jacksonville Week 6

at Atlanta Week 7

Colts Week 8

at Minnesota Week 9

Washington Week 10

at Panthers Week 11

Houston Week 12 Thanksgiving

at Chicago Week 13

Green Bay Week 14

at Titans Week 15 possible Saturday

Tampa Bay Week 16 possible Saturday

Minnesota Week 17

Well, the Lions play on the road alot in the first half of the season and get an early bye to prepare for Jacksonville. That sucks. They only have one “prime time” game which is the Thanksgiving game. That sucks too. The Lions have had the earliest bye average in the last 20 years of all NFL teams. Fuck you NFL. The Saturday games could be “prime time” games plus flexing. Detroit has one home game each in September and October and 3 home games in November and December. Well at least the Liona should be warm in December and poised to make a late run at home.

The first quarter starts in Detroit hosting the Bears. The division games continue with a visit to Lambeau nice and early in Week 2. Detroit stays on the road for a rematch with the Cardinals in Week 3. Finally, they host the Saints in their toughest home game. Tough start but winnable games.

The second quarter starts with a bye to prepare for the Jaguars in Week 6 on the road. Detroit stays in the dirty south with a road game in Atlanta. Detroit is finally at home again the Colts but then travel to Minnesota in Week 9. Detroit better win the first 3 games here.

The third quarter eases up by hosting the Redskins and then a road game in Carolina. Detroit gets a short week for Thanksgiving to host the Texans. Remember 2012 and the Schwartz flag throw. Yeah they will show that lowlight about 1,000 times during that game. Finally, Detroit visits the Bears in Week 13. Easier teams here.

Finally Detroit gets 3 of 4 at home to finish the season. They host the Packers in Week 14 for another chance for either Detroit to win or the refs to screw them. Week 15 is the last road game to Tennessee. Finally, Detroit host Tampa Bay on a Saturday to face Tom Brady and then host the Vikings to close the season. 3 home games but some tough games with one tough road game. It’s do or die for Patricia with lots of road games early.


vs Minnesota Week 1

vs Detroit Week 2

at Saints Week 3

vs Falcons Week 4

Bye Week 5

at Tampa Bay Week 6

at Houston Week 7

vs Minnesota Week 8

at 49ers Week 9 Thursday

vs Jax Week 10

at Indy Week 11

vs Chicago Week 12 Sunday Night

vs Eagles Week 13

at Detroit Week 14

at Carolina Week 15

vs Titans Week 16

at Chicago Week 17

The Packers start the season with 2 division games at home. I would say advantage Packers but its good to be warm in Lambeau and healthy for the Vikings and Lions. Green Bay has their first very tough road game in Week 3 at New Orleans. They close the first quarter hosting the Falcons revamped team.

Week 5 bye for the Green Bay just like the Lions but get extra time to prepare for Tom Brady and Tampa Bay on the road. The Packers travel to Houston for a tough one at NRC Stadium, host the Vikings then back on the road for the 49ers on a Thursday night. Brutal second quarter for Green Bay.

Jaguars, at Colts, Bears and Eagles should be much easier with 3 of 4 at home in November/early December. Eagles did win in Lambeau last year though and will be a tough team.

Finally, at Detroit, at Carolina, Titans and at Chicago triggers 3 of 4 road games to end the season. The Titans game is a tough home game. Green Bay better have their ducks in a row before the final quarter or will need to win on the road to make it happen. Packers have 5 prime time games but will be tested, especially on the road in 2020.

Can’t wait for the season to start!!