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NFC Playoff Picture

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Week 15 is complete and the NFC South and wild card races are heating up. Let’s take a look at the scenarios.

Saints 10-4

Saints still are in a battle for the NFC South with Carolina. If they drop the last two games they could miss the playoffs altogether. Saints host Atlanta and travel to Tampa Bay in the final game. They must keep winning to avoid being overtaken by the Falcons and Panthers. Saints swept the Panthers but lost to the Falcons this year. Atlanta against New Orleans is a huge game for the playoff picture.

Panthers 10-4

Carolina is right in the NFC South and leading the wild card. They beat the Falcons but were swept by the Saints. They could miss the playoffs if they lose out but could still win the North. They host Tampa Bay and travel to Atlanta for a huge game in Week 17.

Falcons 9-5

The Falcons still have a good shot at the NFC South. They beat the Saints once but lost to Carolina. If the Falcons beat the Saints, they can beat the Panthers in Week 17 to win the South. Atlanta could miss the playoffs if they lose out. They travel to New Orleans and host Carolina which are tough games.

Detroit 8-6

Detroit needs to win it and have one NFC South team lose out. Also if the South team that loses out is Carolina or New Orleans then Seattle/Dallas need to win out. Dallas and Seattle play each other Week 16 so only one team will win out there. Seattle hosts Arizona in Week 17 and Dallas hosts the Eagles. Detroit travels to Cincinnati and host Green Bay in Week 17.

Dallas 8-6

They need to beat Seattle at home and win at Philadelphia in Week 17. They need a South team to lose out and the Lions to lose one game.

Seattle 8-6

Seattle will need to win out against Dallas on the road and Arizona at home, have one South team lose out and have the Lions lose one game.

Should be a crazy finish. Enjoy the games