NFL Draft: NFCN after the First Round

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His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson.

The first round of the NFL draft is in the books.  Here’s what the word is on the NFC North:

Chicago Bears select Wide Receiver Kevin White 7th Overall

Sayeth MIB, Bears fan and connoisseur of dressing up like a cat:

He’ll contribute next year. Receivers have been coming into the league and tearing it up in their first years.


Minnesota Vikings select Cornerback Trae Waynes 11th Overall

Comments Childerz, Viking fan and prominent gaming aficionado:

just goes to show you can study and watch and yada yada.. but you never know how a player will react/develop in any given system in the NFL.  Waynes may bust.. but considering his speed and his natural cover skills I think he’ll be good in a man to man system

Detroit Lions Select Guard Laken Tomlinson 28th Overall (Following a Trade with the Broncos)

Speweth LKP, Lions honk and expert on flukes:

Traded down. Pick heaven. Boombaya

Expanding further:

Boombaya. Good guard and a good backup guard and two 5ths. Lovin it

Green Bay Packers select Safety Damarious Randall 30th Overall

The mouth of Packers fan and towing expert Gabes issues thusly:

MKE, you might not like the pick, I am not 100% sold on it either, but IMO we are all talking out of our asses here and will know nothing until the games start counting about this guy.  I will be interested in seeing what number TT assigns him.  He tends to give people he thinks will be real good important numbers. See giving HaHa #21 and Nick Collins #36


On to round 2.