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Another NFL Off-season has come and gone, and our lives are still mired in shit. The good news is week one of the NFL season is upon us, and we can remain blissfully blind and ignorant to the world around us for the next 22 weeks!

I’ve missed you lovable losers. It’s been a while since I’ve had your undivided attention, so there are a couple of things I’d like to share.

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7. Prep, MaC, and Andy have new jobs. There is hope that all retarded , functionally illiterate bustards may someday be employed.
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9. JK

This is a very exciting football season to me because.

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Here we go.


This will be my last post. I’ve lost the love.

Peace out, bitches.


Denver Broncos1They are the champs. Call me a traditionalist.
Carolina Panthers2Cam has a weapon back, and the defense remains strong like bull.
Arizona Cardinals3The Cardinals fizzled out some in 2015, but the roster is perhaps the most complete in the NFL.
Seattle Seahawks4The NFC seems better than the AFC.
New England Patriots5Would perhaps be higher if not for their dirty, stinking, cheating ways.
Green Bay Packers6Remember when I would have had to consider which NFCN Team to put first? Good times.
Pittsburgh Steelers7The offense is set up for success. To bad they lost their love of the D.
Cincinnati Bengals8They were really good before Dalton died. No, for real.
Kansas City Chiefs9Andy Reid is really, really good at having solid teams that fail to really strike fear in the heart of the league.
Washington Redskins10The surprise team a year ago, they should be able to feast on a week division.
Oakland Raiders11The kids are alright.
Houston Texans12Another team earning its ranking in part because of a weak slate of divisional opponents.
Minnesota Vikings13Teddy wasn't the reason they were in the playoffs in 2015. They should still be solid.
New York Giants14New coach. So excite.
Buffalo Bills15They feel like a team poised to make a step towards the postseason. For the 8th straight year.
New York Jets16They deserve to be in the top half of the league on the beard alone.
Detroit Lions17Second year new offensive coordinator system. Stafford already great if gets line help. Calvin great but limited teams creativity.
Jacksonville Jaguars18They seem explosivey.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers19I can see regretting this already.
New Orleans Saints20They could be higher if they had even half of a good defense. But hey, Brees should certainly get another $100M.
Indianapolis Colts21Does Luck kinda Suck? Find out more in 2016.
San Diego Chargers22How does Bosa look with a bolo?
Atlanta Falcons23This is likely too high.
Miami Dolphins24I thought this team would make a leap a year ago. They didn't. Now I think they just are not that good.
Dallas Cowboys25I guess you could say I don't really believe in the Dak Attack.
LA Rams26Gurley gives them a little something, but the defense is poised to regress.
Chicago Bears27Congratulations to Jay Cutler on becoming their longest-tenured player.
Tennessee Titans28Sure
Philadelphia Eagles29Why Not
Tennessee Titans30Its possible Mariota makes me look foolish and drags they up to a top 27 ranking by the end of the year.
San Fransisco 49ers31WHOS GOT IT BETTER THAN US
Cleveland Browns32Any time you have to replace a complete flop for off-field reasons, its good to start with an injury-plagued player who seems unable to adjust his style of play to the NFL and the demands of his own body.