Full Season Predictions: Future Facts

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The NFL season is less than a week away. It’s the perfect time for a prediction of every team’s record. I listed the schedule for each team on paper and went game by game to determine these records. Here are the results.

AFC East

New England 10-6

New York Jets 9-7

Miami 6-10

Buffalo 6-10

The Patriots start the season 1-3 without Tom Brady but finish 9-3 to win another AFC East title. The Jets battle for the 6th seed at 9-7 but just miss the playoffs. Buffalo and Miami flop again.

AFC North

Pittsburgh 10-6

Cincinnati 10-6

Baltimore 8-8

Cleveland 5-11

The Steelers win the division with a 4-2 division record compared to the Bengals 3-3 division record. Both are good playoff teams that could make a deep run. Baltimore is improved but not good enough and Cleveland starts the rebuild under Hue Jackson.

AFC South

Jacksonville 10-6

Houston 7-9

Indianapolis 5-11

Tennessee 3-13

The Jaguars are the new “hot” team for a lot of people. They improved their defense and have a good offense. Bortles takes the next step. Houston has a good defense and a new QB and running back. However, JJ Watt has some injury concerns and they lose a lot of close games. The Colts take a further step back with offensive line and defensive problems. The Titans are competitive but lose a lot of close games.

AFC West

Kansas City 12-4

Denver 10-6

Oakland 9-7

San Diego 6-10

The Chiefs got hot to end the season and still have a very good defense. Denver is the defending champion but their poor QB play cost them more games this season. Denver still earns the 6th seed. Oakland is super close and finally finishes a season over 500. The Chargers are improved but still a sub 500 team.

NFC East

New York Giants 9-7

Philadelphia Eagles 8-8

Washington Redskins 7-9

Dallas Cowboys 4-12

The Giants take their turn to win the weak division with many defensive line and secondary improvements. The Eagles are solid but aren’t ready in the first season under Doug Pederson. Jim Schwartz gets that defense improved for the Eagles. The Redskins take a step back as Cousins doesn’t have the same season in 2016. Romo is hurt and the Cowboys can’t win without him. Prescott is better than last year but still a rookie.

NFC South

Carolina 10-6

New Orleans 8-8

Atlanta 7-9

Tampa Bay 4-12

The Panthers don’t destroy everyone but still win the division with a tougher schedule. The Saints have a good offense but their defense costs them the playoffs again. The Falcons are solid but still lack the personnel to win double digit games. Tampa Bay gets taken apart with a tougher schedule than 2015.

NFC West

Seattle 12-4

Arizona 11-5

Los Angeles 9-7

San Francisco 3-13

The Seahawks and Arizona battle for the West crown. Zona drops games to Buffalo, Carolina and Atlanta to get edged out but still earns the 5th seed. The Rams finally get over 500 but still miss the playoffs despite Gurley running wild. San Francisco is terrible with Chip Kelly.

NFC North

Detroit 11-5

Green Bay 10-6

Minnesota 9-7

Chicago 8-8

The Lions have the talent and coaching to win the division. They screwed themselves with 20 turnovers in the first 8 games last year plus had major injuries. This is the year Detroit finally takes the next step. I am more confident than ever. Detroit has won 11 before and does it again with a top 10 offense and top 7 defense. The Packers get 10 wins yet again despite a 3-3 division record. Green Bay earns the 6th seed with Rodgers and an above average defense. Jordy Nelson gets 1,100 yards and 9 TDS in his return. The Vikings are still good with Peterson and their defense but lose a couple close games for only 9 wins due to their QB bad luck. The Bears record may be too high but they have a very easy schedule with Tampa Bay, San Francisco, AFC South and NFC East.


Wild Card Round

Denver at Pittsburgh. Denver wins

Cincy at Jacksonville. Bengals win finally

Green Bay at Carolina. Carolina wins with lots of dabbing

Arizona at New York Giants. Arizona wins

Divisional Round

Arizona at Seattle. Seattle wins.

Carolina at Detroit. Detroit wins. Yes Detroit wins

Denver at Kansas City. Chiefs win

Cincinnati at New England. Patriots win

Championship Games

Detroit at Seattle. Seattle wins

New England at Kansas City. Kansas City wins

Super Bowl

Seattle beats the Chiefs. 20-13

There you have it folks. They might as well not play the games. This prediction is happening and if it doesn’t then chalk it up to flukes and poor referees.