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The prediction results have been tallied. I took a look at every head to head matchup and got the win and loss total for every single team. Here are the results.

AFC East

New England 12-4

Miami 10-6

Buffalo 8-8

New York Jets 3-13

The Patriots win the East and get home field advantage with the Brady suspension appealed. They are a very good team at home and have a favorable schedule. Miami wins 10 with the addition of Suh but miss the playoffs. Buffalo’s defense makes them solid and the Jets are terrible.

AFC North

Baltimore 12-4

Pittsburgh 11-5

Cincinnati 9-7

Cleveland 6-10

The AFC North is always a tough division. Baltimore is the most complete team and Pittsburgh has a good offense and young defensive talent. The Bengals miss the playoffs for the first time after four straight appearances but are a decent team. The Browns continue to be the Browns.

AFC South

Indianapolis 12-4

Houston 10-6

Tennessee 7-9

Jacksonville 4-12

The Colts still own this division and Andrew Luck continues to improve into a very good QB. Houston has plenty of defensive talent and Bill O Brien makes the most out of that offense. The Texans beat the Dolphins head to head for the last wild card spot. The Titans improve with Mariota but still are under 500. Jacksonville just doesn’t have enough firepower but Bortles has the makings of a decent QB.

AFC West

Denver 11-5

San Diego 8-8

Kansas City 6-10

Oakland 3-13

Peyton Manning is a very good regular season QB. He won’t beat many good teams but he can clean up against the AFC West still. The Chargers and Chiefs are mediocre and the Raiders are terrible again.

NFC East

Philadelphia 9-7

Dallas 7-9

New York Giants 7-9

Washington 4-12

The Eagles starts strong and then fizzle under Chip Kelly. However, the East is terrible and 9-7 is enough for the Eagles to win it. Plus the East plays the NFC South. Dallas takes a big step back without Murray and Scandrick. The Giants are mediocre again and Washington is terrible with Kirk Cousins getting his chance and no defense.

NFC South

New Orleans 10-6

Atlanta 7-9

Carolina 6-10

Tampa Bay 5-11

The Saints are always capable of double digit wins with Brees. The defense has some major question marks but they get to play the NFC East and NFC South twice. Atlanta improves under Dan Quinn and Carolina takes a step back after losing Benjamin. Tampa Bay is slightly less awful than 2014 in year 2 under Lovie Smith with a rookie Winston at the helm.

NFC West

Seattle 13-3

Arizona 9-7

St Louis 6-10

San Francisco 5-11

Seattle earns home field advantage again. They have proven they can win without an offensive line. The Seahawks defense is still great and Lynch is a beast. Wilson is clutch enough for 13 wins with Jimmy Graham added. Arizona makes the playoffs at 9-7 with a win against Minnesota. St Louis has a decent defense but no offense. The 49ers were taken apart this offseason.

NFC North

Lions 12-4

Green Bay 11-5

Minnesota 9-7

Chicago 4-12

Detroit is very talented and complete. I’ve gone on record saying they will have a top 5 offensive and defensive point per game ranking in 2015. Detroit is a complete team that should win 12 games. Detroit loses at Minnesota, at Seattle, at Green Bay and at New Orleans. Green Bay still has a great offense despite losing Nelson but they have defensive concerns. Green Bay splits with Detroit and Minnesota and loses at Denver, at Arizona and home to Seattle. Minnesota improves in year 2 under Zimmer with the addition of Peterson. The Vikings are close to becoming a playoff team but a loss at Arizona keeps them out this year. The Bears are awful on defense and offense. Fox and Pace may eventually fix them, but not in one year.


Wild Card

Packers over Eagles

Saints over Cardinals

Pittsburgh over Denver

Indianapolis over Houston


Detroit over Saints

Seattle over Green Bay

Baltimore over Pittsburgh

Patriots over Indianapolis

Championship Games

Detroit wins at Seattle

Patriots over Baltimore

Super Bowl

Lions over Patriots

I’m calling it now. Lions win their first Super Bowl*

*barring flukes and concentrated injuries