PreSeason Week 4 Preview

NFC North
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It is Week 4 of the pre-season. Week 4 is a good game to watch for last minute end of the roster position battles. It is not a good game to watch the starters play since they rarely do. Let’s take a look at the NFC North Week 4 Pre-season lineup and what to watch. But really you should watch the start of college football.

New Orleans at Green Bay at 7 PM

The Packers rookie DBs should be on display and get some playing time. Can Randall, Rollins or Gunter steal the outside CB spot at the last minute over Casey Heyward. The Packers defense took a whooping last week but the starters will probably still rest this week. Brett Hundley will get some valuable playing time. He had a solid showing against the Eagles despite a pick 6. The Packers just want to stay healthy for the Week 1 game at Chicago.

Buffalo at Detroit 7:30 PM

There will be some position battles worth watching for probably just the die-hard Lions fans (so just me probably). The Lions have still yet to determine their returner (Ross, TJ Jones or Abdullah), the 4th and 5th wide receiver (TJ Jones, Jeremy Ross, or Greg Salas), the 4th running back (Zenner/Winn), FB (Burton or Enegawu) the 5th defensive tackle (Jermelle Cudjo) or 5th defensive end (Webster/Hunt/Corey Wooten).

A new battle has emerged for third tight end between Joseph Fauria and newly acquired TE Tim Wright. Also, the Lions may determine Kellen Moore is not worth the 3rd QB spot if he performs poorly and keep another position instead.

Minnesota at Tennessee 8:00 PM

The Vikings LB battle may be settled between Hodges and Kendricks. This will be the last chance for Trae Waynes to make a case to start over Terrence Newman. The Vikings offensive line probably won’t see much action but Mike Harris and TJ Clemmings could see some time to gain more experience.

Cleveland at Chicago 8:00 PM

Wow this game is terrible. Johnny Manziel is hurt so you can’t even make fun of him during this one. The Bears offense needs to get healthy. The Bears defense has some kinks to work out. We’ll see how much time the Bears’ starters play. Watch college football instead is my suggestion. Michigan and Utah and TCU against Minnesota will actually count. Maybe watch the battle of the Carolinas to check out the ole ball coach in action.