Now is the Winter of our Discontent

Green Bay Packers NFC North
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The Green Bay Packers are having some trouble this season. They have now lost to the Detroit Lions in Lambeau for the 1st time in 24 years, lost to Jay Cutler for only the second time in his entire career, and lost the divisional lead to the Minnesota Vikings led by Teddy Bridgewater.

What could be the cause of this? An Aaron Rodgers slump? Poor coaching on both sides of the ball? The ever-present injury bug? Olivia Munn? It’s hard to quantify, BUT LET’S TRY TO DO IT ANYWAY, SHALL WE?!

So, without further Ado, here are 17 (easily found) NFL statistics in both offense and defense that the Packers are currently in the bottom half (or top half) of the league in. (These stats are all as of Week 11, since Week 12 is still in play):


The Bad Things:

  • Third Down Conversion Percentage (21st)
  • Completion Percentage (24th)
  • Passing Yards per Game (23rd)
  • Yards per Pass Attempt (24th)
  • QB Sacks Allowed per Game (19th)
  • Yards per Game (21st)
  • Fourth Down Conversion Percentage (22nd)

But not all is so doom and gloom.  For the Green Bay offense, here are the “Good things” (those stats that the team is top-half of the league in):

  • Offensive Points per Game (10th)
  • Red Zone TD Percentage (11th)
  • Interceptions Thrown per Game (2nd)
  • Fumbles per Game (10th)
  • Fumbles Lost per Game (6th)
  • Giveaways per Game (1st)
  • Average Team Passer Rating (7th)
  • Yards per Rush Attempt (9th)
  • Rushing Yards per Game (10th)
  • Yards per Play (15th)


The Bad Things:

  • Opponent Red Zone TD Percentage (21st)
  • Opponent Yards per Game (21st)
  • Opponent Yards per Play (19th)
  • Opponent First Downs per Game (17th)
  • Opponent Fourth Down Conversion Percentage (17th)
  • Opponent Rushing Yards per Game (21st)
  • Opponent Yards per Rush Attempt (20th)
  • Opponent Passing Yards per Game (19th)
  • Opponent Yards per Pass Attempt (19th)
  • Opponent Fumbles per Game (19th)
  • Opponent Fumbles Lost per Game (29th)
  • Takeaways per Game (22nd)

The Good Things:

  • Opponent Interceptions Thrown per Game (12th)
  • Opponent Offensive Points per Game (11th)
  • Opponent Third Down Conversion Percentage (15th)
  • Opponent Average Team Passer Rating (7th)
  • Sacks per Game (10th)

Can the Packers turn things around in time to make the playoffs? If they do make the playoffs, are they doomed to another embarrassing defeat that has become all too familiar these last 5 years? Only time will tell.