Rodgers Got Paid. Incoming Cap Hell (Just Kidding)

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Aaron Rodgers is the richest man in the NFL. He signed a 4 year 134 million dollar extension (33.5 million dollars per year in new money) on Wednesday which makes him the highest paid player in the NFL. He had two years left on the deal which makes it a 6 year 176 million dollar deal overall (29.3 per year) or 6 years 180 million with 4 million in escalators (30 million per year).

The signing bonus was 57.5 million which tops Stafford’s 50 million signing bonus. Rodgers gets 80 million in money by March 2019. Here is a look deeper into the numbers.

His cap hits are the following

2018 20.9

2019 26.5 million

2020 32.6 million

2021 33.5 million

2022 37 million

2023 25.5 million

The Packers now have Rodgers through the 2023 season when he will be 39/40 (in December 2023). Rodgers is a Packer for life. 2021 is the first year it would make sense to cut him due to dead cap.

6 more years of Rodgers for the NFC North. I’ll enjoy watching his decline (please God let him decline).