Super Bowl 58: 49ers vs Chiefs

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How bout that ride in? Welcome to Vegas baby, home of Super Bowl 58. The Fighting Swifts of Kansas City 11-6 face the Homeless Gay Bandits of San Francisco (12-5). Chiefs beat Miami, Buffalo (in Buffalo) and Baltimore (in Baltimore) to make their millionth Superb Owl this half decade. The 49ers return to the big game to avenge the 2019 season Super Bowl loss via their 3rd straight NFC Championship, 49ers came back late to beat both the Packers and Lions (fluke city). Lions had that bitch won *sobs*

Chiefs could win if Mahomes does he normal things and Kelce uses his love for aliens to break even more post season receiving records. Chiefs defense is actually 2nd in the league under Steve Spagnuolo. Unless Chiefs WRs mess this up, Chiefs can win.

49ers could win if Purdy continues to defy being the last pick of the draft. 49ers loaded with weapons in CMC, Deebo, Aiyuk and Kittle. 49ers have the 3rd ranked defense (though they haven’t played like it in the playoffs). Detroit manned up and dropped 31 on them and lost *sobs*

I’ll make a bold prediction and say Chiefs 31 49ers 20. Enjoy the last football of this season. Cap heaven and RAS scores are coming!