The Packers Beat the Vikings

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I had fun watching football this weekend. I hope you did too. I was going to write an article about multiple games, but what happened is, this site doesn’t work very well on the back end anymore, and the page won’t scroll so I can’t see what I am typing. So instead I am writing about just one game and hoping that the stuff at the bottom isn’t pure gibberish since I can’t see it.

The Packers Won and the Vikings Lost

The Green Bay Packers beat the Minnesota Vikings 21-16. After going up by 21 points within the first minute of the second quarter, the Packers never scored again. On top of the lackluster offensive performance, Dalvin Cook, who may be good, ran for 154 yards on 20 carries. The table was set for the Vikings to win via comeback, on the road, in the division. But then Kirk Cousins went 14/32 for 230 yards and two interceptions, including the back-breaking one below that won’t embed.

Some folks may argue that Kirk Cousins isn’t good at what he does. That may be true. In fact, it may be the most true thing ever said by anyone. However, the Packers defense has given up just one passing touchdown through two games, an average of 9.5 points per game, opponents are converting third downs at a 25% clip, and while neither ESPN nor Pro Football Reference has the opponent quarterback ranking statistic, I bet its really low. So maybe instead the argument should be that the Packers pass defense is the greatest in history. Some very, very important people are saying it.