Todd Gurley is a Man of Principal, and Probably Also a Good Christian

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His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson.

The Los Angeles Rams hosted the Green Bay Packers on Sunday in Fox NFL’s “Game of the Week.”  Audiences everywhere other than Glove’s house were treated to a tightly fought Rams victory, 29-27.

Late in the fourth quarter, it appeared as though Aaron Rodgers would have a chance to bring the Packers down for a last second score and another last second victory.  However, Ty Montgomery fumbled a kickoff after a Ram’s go-ahead field goal with just under two minutes left to play, and the Rams recovered the ball at the Packers 19 yard line.  After running two plays, the Rams could ice the game and put it away for good, but only if they were able to gain a first down.

On third and ten with 1:05 left, running back Todd Gurley ran left to the Green Bay 4 yard line, a 17 yard gain that ended any hopes for a miracle play from Mr. Rodgers.  Mr. Gurley didn’t just move the chains, however.  He did so with class.  Watch this embedded twitter video:

As indicated by Mr. Brinson, Gurley’s decision to take a knee, though sound for every football and moral reason ever known to man, harmed Vegas bookies and certain betters alike.  As a result, not only was the total score for the game an “under,” as Brinson notes, but the Rams failed to cover the closing spread of 7.5.  Said Gurley after the game:

“Man, forget fantasy and forget Vegas,” Gurley said after the game. “We got the win, so that’s all that matters.”

Indeed Mr. Gurley.  Indeed.  The NFL could use more like you and, in these turbulent times, so could planet earth and the heavens above.