Week Four Power Rankings

Power Rankings
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His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson.

The sun is setting earlier, the leaves are falling, a brisk wind blows.  The air contains a certain something.  A bit of nostalgia creeps in.  You try and place that feeling, something comforting, familiar, though it seems oddly overdue this year.  And then it hits you, and you recall what these changes herald on a yearly basis: the Packers beating the Lions in Lambeau.  While the country faces a political catch-22, we can surely all appreciate this return to normalcy.


1New England PatriotsWin through the air, win with defense, win with second team quarterbacks, win with third team quarterbacks, the bottom line is, they win. A lot. And have the best coach in the last 25 years. I hate them.
2Minnesota VikingsBarely edging out the Broncos because the best win for either team is the Vikings slaughter of Carolina on the road
3Denver BroncosThe defense appears not to have lost its edge; Von Miller is playing like its the 2015 playoffs.
4Philadelphia EaglesA big win against an in-state rival has them rocketing up many power rankings.
5Kansas City ChiefsUtter destruction of the Jets, combined with a road loss to the tough Texans, makes them the best of the 2-1 teams
6Green Bay PackersStill rough around the edges, but losing 17-14 to Minnesota on the road doesn't look so bad about now.
7Baltimore RavensYeah, they are undefeated, but close wins over exceedingly weak teams do not impress that much.
8Atlanta FalconsTheir two wins may not have been against the league's gold standard, but they won't apologize for a division lead.
9Seattle SeahawksTwo bad weeks are not completely erased by destroying the 49ers, but history suggests we saw the "real" Seahawks this week
10Los Angeles RamsThe biggest surprise of the top 10, but a good win over Seattle and a road win earn the spot.
11Pittsburgh SteelersIt was a bad loss this week, but this is still a very talented team.
12Houston TexansThere's no shame in losing to the Patriots, but getting blanked?
13New York GiantsAs confusing as ever despite the new coaching staff.
14Dallas CowboysThe kids are alright.
15Oakland RaidersThe kids are alright.
16Carolina PanthersTwo losses to two very good defenses. Rolling up on the weaker teams is fine, but the Panthers and their super bowl hopes need to be worried that they are not able to keep with top competition.
17Arizona CardinalsThey may not deserve to slide out the top half, and its hard to imagine they won't find their stride. But this is a bad start.
18Cincinnati BengalsTwo strait losses, albeit to good teams, sees a big drop.
19Washington RedskinsA solid win over a top 12 team in the Giants.
20Detroit LionsAfter starting slow they gave the Packers a run. Injuries are slowing the Lions down.
21Tampa Bay BuccaneersAs a team with a young quarterback, they need to right the ship fast
22San Diego ChargersI mean, I guess.
23Indianapolis ColtsIt took all game, but they edged the Chargers with a big play. I still don't think they are the better team on a neutral field.
24New York JetsTheir only win is none to impressive, and getting nearly blanked by the Chiefs didn't help their cause.
25Tennessee TitansTheir defense might have a little something going for it. Now its time for some offense.
26Miami DolphinsHey, you beat the Browns. Yay.
27San Fransisco 49ersStand up and salute the worst of the horribles. At least they smoked the Rams.
28Buffalo BillsComing off a very good win on paper. Will it seem like a great win at the end of the year?
29Jacksonville JaguarsYou only barely lost! So that's nice!
30New Orleans SaintsLike that defensive help Drew?
31Cleveland BrownsTwo straight weeks of keeping it within a touchdown. GOOD FOR YOU.
Like, 50 probably?Chicago Bearsclinteastwooddisgustedface.gif