The Vikings Die A Little More

2023 Week 4 Power Rankings

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Just go to the comments to see if the featured image triggered Shooter.


1 Push ArrowPushPhiladelphia EaglesThey had a scare
2 Up ArrowUp 2San Francisco 49ersMember when the AFC was the better conference?
3 Push ArrowPushKansas City ChiefsBring Taylor Swift to a game, you stay put.
4 Up ArrowUp 1Detroit LionsI can almost see LKP's boner from here.
5 Up ArrowUp 1Buffalo BillsThey really aren't Buffalos, they're Bison.
6 Down ArrowDown 4Miami DolphinsDolphins are mammals, unlike your mother
7 Up ArrowUp 5Tampa Bay BucsI really hate moving the Bucs up
8 Up ArrowUp 6Dallas CowboysMoobs > MLF
9 Up ArrowUp 6Seattle SeahawksI've only been to the Seattle airport, yet I hate the city
10 Up ArrowUp 4Baltimore RavensI've never been to Baltimore, yet I hate the city
11 Down ArrowDown 2Green Bay PackersPlays the failure song from the Price is Right
12 Down ArrowDown 5Atlanta FalconsRidder sucks
13 Down ArrowDown 5Pittsburgh SteelersI don't know
14 Down ArrowDown 2Los Angeles ChargersLightning bolts may be one million volts
15 Up ArrowUp 2Jacksonville JaguarsWouldn't a jaguar in Jacksonville be called a 'Florida Panther'?
16 Down ArrowDown 5New Orleans SaintsWhere's my paper bag?
17 Up ArrowUp 10Los Angeles RamsSean McVay is McGay
18 Down ArrowDown 2Indianapolis ColtsI'm alergic to horses
19 Up ArrowUp 9Houston TexansSomething about 0125
20 Up ArrowUp 5Tennessee TitansWe are the Titans. Mighty, mighty Titans.
21 Down ArrowDown 1Cleveland BrownsWGAF
22 Down ArrowDown 4Washington CommandersAre you even reading this?
23 Up ArrowUp 7Denver BroncosSean Payton won a game
24 Down ArrowDown 2New York JetsMaybe they should sign Aaron Rodgers
25 Down ArrowDown 4New Engand PatriotsThe Saints will lose to them this weekend.
26 Down ArrowDown 7Cincinnati BengalsI've got nothing
27 Down ArrowDown 4Las Vegas RaidersMiB was better at coming up with shit
28 Down ArrowDown 4New York GiantsThe East side of NYS is shit.
29 Push ArrowPushMinnesota VikingsIs Shooter still on suicide watch or do we not care?
30 Down ArrowDown 4Arizona CardinalsThey suck
31 Up ArrowUp 1DukeZion is kicking ass
32 Down ArrowDown 1Carolina PanthersBryce Young is not kicking ass
33 Up ArrowNewTaylor SwiftThrows a football better than Gundy
34 Down ArrowDown 1Chicago BearsIf they keep losing, they'll have all 32 first round picks in 2024
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