Milestones Reached in 2015, and to Look to in 2016

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We saw some great milestones reached in 2015 in the NFC North. But that also means we have some things to look forward to in 2016. We have some individual milestones and some team milestones as well

Adrian Peterson vaulted into the top 20 in career rushing yardage and now ranks 17th with 11,675 career rushing yards. In 2016, with 605 yards on the ground, can vault all the way into the top 10 passing names like Marshall Faulk, Marcus Allen, Edgerrin James, Franco Harris and Thurman Thomas. We always knew Adrian Peterson was one of the best backs in NFL history, and in 2016 will be the season that confirms the greatness of his career.  The question about Peterson’s legacy as he climbs the all time rushing leader board will be whether or not beating the ever living crap out of his kid will keep him from passing some of the name at the  top of the list like Emmitt Smith, Walter Payton or Barry Sanders.

The race in 2015 for Most Combined Wins (regular season and playoffs) tightened up for the Packers and Bears. The gap is now only 6 games. Bears lead with 758, and the Packers are at 752. This is a mark that has the possibility to change hands in 2016, although I would put my money on it happening in 2017.

As far as regular season wins go, the Bears continue to hold a big lead by 21 wins, 741 to the Packers 720. With 9 wins, they will become the first team to 750 regular season wins.

Aaron Rodgers threw for his 250th TD pass in 2015, and would need a Herculean 43 to reach 300 in 2016, but even if he doesn’t hit that mark, he can pass some of the football’s most immortal names like Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas and Warren Moon. Also, Rodgers has a shot with 3,068 yards and factoring in two active players ahead of him below 25th on the list, has a shot to get into the top 25 in all time passing yardage passing names like Troy Aikman, Jim Kelly, Steve Young and Jim “don’t call me Chris” Everett.

If the Packers sweep the Lions, they have a shot to become the first team in the NFL to win 100 games vs a single opponent, although they are in a race for this designation with the Giants who have 98 wins vs the Redskins, and to a lesser extent, the Bears who have 96 wins against the Lions.

Jay Cutler threw for his 200th TD pass in 2015, and could pass HOF players like Terry Bradshaw and Steve Young in 2016.

Matthew Stafford should get his 30,000th passing yard in 2016.

Julius Peppers entered the top 10 on the all time sack list in 2015 and is poised to pass a few more names, including one that he is tied with that just retired after 2015 in Jared Allen.

The Chicago Bears, believe it or not, coming off of a 6-10 season, launched themselves into the #1 spot in the league in all time win percentage at .572.  This is largely due to A) their longer tenure in the league not causing as big an issue with their overall record and the Cowboys’ 4-12 mark dropping them from .574 to .569.  There are 2 teams hot on the Bears’ trail though, Dallas is at .569 and Green Bay is at .568.