Nailed It! 2014: Conference Conclusions

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This is it. The culmination of the entire season. And the last chance for our prognosticators to add their names to the vaunted halls of the Pantheon. That’s right, the Super Bowl is here!

Even though the end is nigh, that has not stopped our prognosticators thus far. Last week there were another six points scored, bringing the total for these playoffs to 28, far greater than the 11 scored last season. Is there any way for us to add more? I would like to think so. So, dig deep, use all the knowledge you have gleaned from over the course of this season, and make your best predictions yet. This is not Detroit, man, this is the SUPER BOWL!

And now, without further ado, bring on the Super Bowl!

The Games

As always, here is the slate for next week’s games. Simply copy and paste it to the comments, and add your predicted scores after the team names. (Substitute scores for the XX and YY.)

  • New England Patriots XX @ Seattle Seahawks YY

With all of that out of the way, read on to find exactly who Nailed It!

Final score

These are the people who have (somehow) correctly predicted the final outcome of a game. The only shot that was called that could be considered more famous than these belongs to Babe Ruth. Bow down before their wisdom! (And make sure you ask them for next week’s lotto numbers.)

  • None this week.

Scoring differential

These are the ones who correctly predicted the margin by which the victors would best their competition. These are also the ones to consult if you want to bet the spread.

  • Indianapolis @ New England – Preparation_A correctly predicted that the Patriots would win by 38 points.

Total combined score

These are those who somehow managed to pick the correct total score but did not have any clue in how the teams would actually get there. Still, if you want to bet an over/under, you could do worse than consulting with them.

  • Green Bay @ Seattle – Childerz, FalconsFan0125, and The Real CJammin all correctly predicted that the teams would combine to score 50 points.
  • Indianapolis @ New England – TheHairy1 correctly predicted that the teams would combine to score 52 points.

Winning team’s score

  • Green Bay @ Seattle natesweet correctly predicted that the Seahawks would win with a score of 28 points.

Against the grain

Oftentimes, our picks will be unanimous. However, there are those who will sometimes walk their own path.

  • None this week.

Conference Championship Leaderboard

Now on to the leaderboard!

There was no movement on the leaderboard after the Conference Championship round of the playoffs. However, natesweet was able to score one more point, and inched ever closer to the first place position. This is the final game, so it will be fun to see if he can overtake Maized or not.

With only the Super Bowl left, it is still statistically possible that a few more people can see their names on the leaderboard. So to the three people with 11 points, and the one with 10, give it your best shot!

With that said, here is the leaderboard after Conference Championship Weekend (in the case of a tie, the names are arranged alphabetically):

  1. Maized and Confused – 16 points
  2. natesweet – 15 points
  3. MKE – 13 points
  4. smtate – 12 points
  5. LaCW – 12 points

Let’s give a little congratulatory clap to all the people who are listed in this article. Or not. Your choice.

If you would like to have your name forever enshrined in the vast expanse that is the internet, simply call your shot in the comment section below for the Super Bowl. I will be reviewing the comments and keeping track as the season goes on. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even see your name in the leaderboard!

If you cannot call your shots on Thursday, as is custom, it is still possible to participate. As long as your called shots are posted to the comments of this article before the games start, I will include them.