Offseason Blues: How to Fold a Camisole

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The offseason is in full force.  So let’s talk about something very important to FYS’s very own Jason Nardiello, how to properly fold and store a camisole tank after laundering.

The Science

The majority of men find camisoles to be the absolute worst.
The majority of men find camisoles to be the absolute worst.

Extensive scientific research has shown that camisole tanks are both infuriating and bothersome when folding laundry.  Johnny Hopkins has even stated that folding camisoles can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, and even in some cases prostate cancer.  (FYS does not support this claim, as Johnny Hopkins may or many not have been high at the time.)

The Proper Fold

Because FYS cares about the health of their readers (pfft reading, what’s that?), here is a short video explaining the proper way to fold and store a camisole top.  Once folder you can store the package in any space with ample accommodations.

The Quick Fold

Now that you know how to properly fold a camisoles, let’s take a look at a, time saving and my personal favorite, way to fold these tricky articles of clothing.  With a simple pinch of two spots you can add years to your life by not wasting it folding camisoles.



So next time you find yourself buried under a mountain of clean camisoles, just remember these folds.