Packers Look to Sweet Melt the Lions at Lambeau

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The Detroit Lions (1-7) travel to their own personal house of horrors (Lambeau Field) for a Week 10 matchup against the Green Bay Packers (6-2). The game is at 1PM (ET) on FOX. The Lions have lost 23 straight regular season games in Lambeau plus a playoff game (1994 season with negative yards from Barry Sanders). The Packers are 4-0 at home this year and the Lions are 0-4 on the road. I smell either an upset or the result of eating a bad brat with ketchup.

Excuse me, Flo. I’ll Have a Melt with some Fries. What’s the Soup of the Day?

The Packers are better than the Lions in most categories this season except for run defense. All it took was me opening my mouth after an 11-5 season for this to happen. The Packers have a top 10 offense and a top 12 defense. Rodgers is having another great season despite some road woes and is at his best at Lambeau (114.9 QB home rating). The Packers have struggled with running the ball and open weapons the last two weeks but those were against good defenses in Denver and Carolina. The Lions are far from that defensive prowess (see link above).

The Packers are susceptible to the big play with a 7.6 YPA due to 19 passing plays over 25 yards allowed. The Packers rush defense allows 4.5 YPC (with 30 rush plays over 10 yards allowed). The Lions offense could have a decent day if they get their head out of their ass and protect Stafford (22 sacks and 60 hits, 39% pressure) and run the ball at decent rate (way better than the current 3.7 YPC). They won’t though.

Ants Under a Microscope Melt

If Detroit does score some points (20-28), the Packers will surely have a monster day from Rodgers and the run game and score 30 or more. Detroit had three terrible run defense days out of eight games and will allow the Starks Express to steam roll them.

The Lions coverage is lost this year in certain positions. Rashean Mathis may not play due to a concussion leaving Nevin Lawson to be torched on the outside. The LBs can’t cover without Levy and Tulloch slowed by his extended celebration of sacking Rodgers. Ihedigbo has regressed. Slay and Quin will be the only hopes for coverage.

The only chance for Detroit is generating immense pressure. Green Bay has allowed some pressure the last few weeks but I’m sure it will be shored up this week (19 sacks, 44 hits and 37% on the season). Ziggy Ansah (7 sacks) should win his matchup but Ngata (2 sacks, 3 hits and 12 hurries), DE Jason Jones and backup DT Carraun Reid will probably be shut down. The Teryl Austin dialed up blitzes from the LBs and safeties will leave huge holes in the secondary for Rodgers to exploit. Green Bay is scoring 30 points or more in this game.

Indiana Jones Nazi Face Melt

This will be the first game in since Mayhew and Lewand were fired due to an extremely disappointing season. Head Coach Jim Caldwell has the intestinal fortitude of a 6 year old girl. Detroit has a new inexperienced OC coming off the bye week. They have lost 24 games in a row at Lambeau. Green Bay is angry after two tough road losses. This is a recipe for disaster.

Even if Detroit plays well offensively and defensively, they will turn it over 3 times to add to their total of 20. Green Bay has forced 12 turnovers and will remain strong at nabbing interceptions (10). Detroit will shoot themselves in the foot and lose by double digits. If they stay in the game by keeping the turnover differential close to even, Matt Prater who hasn’t missed a kick all year will miss a field goal at the end of the game. The miserable season marches on for Detroit.

Score Prediction:

Green Bay: Whatever

Detroit: Who Cares